A Full House

Christmas Eve is always a special event.  I can start by mentioning that we had attendance of about 64 people. Also, this was the first Christmas in a very long time that all nine Antinori siblings and their families were able to attend at the same time. I can also explain each course and the many kinds of fish dishes. But I’ll let the attached menu speak for itself. The menu, by the way, was a great idea of Margaret’s to slow down the pace and take the worry out of missing your favorite dish. Not sure if it slowed anything down much.

Having all her children here was a true present for my mother-in-law, Betty. We made sure we took lots of photos of the different groups. Her children, the daughters,
the sons, the siblings, the granddaughters, the grandsons, the grandchildren,
LKR (Little Kids Rule) and even the in laws!

The young children happily played together and made sure to keep asking “When is Santa coming?” At a strategic time in between courses, Santa joyfully bounded down the stairs with his big sack of presents assisted by his elves. This year he chose the teen set of cousins for his helpers. This too cool group were so happy to be together. Santa and elves rapped, sang songs, danced and passed out presents.  The little kids ripped open wrap, jumped for joy and the crowd cheered. Betsy read a beautiful sentiment that Nonna had written expressing her love and reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas.

Every year, we foolishly think there is a chance there may be a shortage of food. The weeks prior to this event there were several funny emails going back and forth with talk of traveling fish, last minute additions and quantities being adjusted. News brief: we had enough food. Actually, I don’t think a ridiculous amount but it would have been difficult to go home hungry. Ok, well, we did have dinner food at the dessert table, but still.

But, most important to keep in mind, after the songs are all sung, the last fish is presented, dessert disappears, and the final dish is washed, is how truly blessed we are to be together and to celebrate with such a grand tradition. Thank you all, for this undoubtably is a concerted effort. It is an honor to host Christmas Eve in our home. It truly was a house full…of love.

Have a joyful New Year filled with health, wealth and happiness,

Here, in no particular order, are photos:

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Happy Thanksgiving


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We Thank You For Your Service

Paul Carey is currently serving in Afghanistan.

Paul Carey is currently serving in Afghanistan.

 Paul's helicopter s on route to Afghanistan that safely delivered he and fellow soldiers to their base.

 Paul’s helicopter on route to Afghanistan that safely delivered he and fellow soldiers to their base in Ghazni, Afghanistan.

I asked Kate to give us an update on how Paul is doing. Here it is:

He is doing well.  He is at a base in Ghazni, Afghanistan and serves as the Orthopaedic surgeon on a forward surgical team.  His job is to take care of American and coalition troops with broken bones from combat related trauma. He says it’s a good team of people and the food is not so bad – he never complains about anything! It’s hard to be apart, but it gives Paul peace knowing the kids and I have the best support system here in Goshen.  I don’t know what I’d do without Jane and John and my parents.  They have been the biggest help.

When Paul returns at the end of March, he will resume his job at Ft. Drum caring for the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division.  We will move up to Carthage, NY and FINALLY settle in to one place for a while.

We are both appreciative of the love, support and prayers from our family!!

Paul, we are amazed at your many accomplishments. Know that you and your fellow soldiers are in our hearts and prayers for a successful mission and safe return.

Here is Paul’s address:

CPT Paul Carey
TF 28th Med FSE
FOB Ghazni, AFG
APO AE, 09364

Paul's helicopter s on route to Afghanistan that safely delivered he and fellow soldiers to their base.

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14,16, 25, 50, 60…

 …a mathematical equation, I don’t think so. Tony and Cindy hosted a wonderful luncheon on Sunday for the October birthdays. Mark 14 and Michele 16 both on the 22nd, Charlie was 25 on the 21st, I cleared 50 on the 9th, and Uncle Paul on top at 60 on the 19th.  Missing from the party and also sharing an October birthdate were little Michael Carey 2 on the 4th, Josemine Carey was 27 on the 5th and Luke Antinori 16 on the 25th. 

Tony and Cindy put out a terrific spread. There was a delicious minestrone, grilled chicken & steak, hamburgers, potatoes, vegetables and salad, lasagna, Nonna’s zucchini quiche, and Loanna made eggplant and stuffed jalapeno.  Never a shortage of desserts, there were lots of cake, pies, and cookies.

Thank you Tony and Cindy for being gracious hosts. 

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God Bless AJ

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Anthony John was baptized this past Sunday, October 12.  Adorable little AJ quietly took in the ceremony while proud parents Shavon and Anthony, God parents Dan and Kaitlyn and the congregation of friends and family looked on. He wore his cousin Mason’s baptism outfit.  During the ceremony Shavon held the 65-year-old Antinori baptism gown under AJ.  Cindy relayed to me that 65 years ago Uncle Charlie wore this outfit, 32 years ago her son Anthony wore the baptism gown and now Aj had the gown underneath him during the christening.  The gown is very small so in order for any baby to wear it they would have had to be baptized between 3 weeks to two months. Aj is close to 4 months and the outfit was too small for him to wear it.

We celebrated later at La Havana 59 in Moonachie for a delicious Cuban meal. We enjoyed a slide show of photos of AJ and early photos of Shavon and Anthony.
Shavon passed on the photos to share.

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It’s a Boy!

james antonio

James Antonio
September 27, 2013
8 lb 8.5 oz

Congratulations to Joe and Lena on the birth of their new baby boy. James Antonio joins big brother Johnny. Joe says mom and baby are doing great. They are grateful to have love and support from family and friends and much help from Lena’s mom Teresa and welcome visits from Aunt Betsy.

joe lena johnn johnny and james

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Here are some photos from David and Josemine’s east coast wedding celebration. Thank you Debbi for taking great pictures.

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