Early ramblings

It’s July 5th and it’s been a real steamer of a holiday weekend. Jimmy, Al and Paul made a season opening foray to Rods for beers and clams. We are beaching it heavily with lots of lotion. Al has established daily base camp. Yesterday, we huddled desperately under umbrellas for every bit of shade we can muster. The sand was like stepping on a hot plate. ( “It’s like a sauna in here”) Deb was in and out of the ocean like a kid. However, ran out scared of the waves and cold ocean forgetting her Cape Cold romps.

So far we have eaten from all of the food groups, animal, vegetable, mineral. We have have drunk all varieties of fluids from water to wild turkey old fashions. To name a few culinary delights, we have had the obligatory hamburger and hot dogs, 3 inch thick rib eyes and a huge porter house- all properly rubbed, Margaret’s green beans with lemon dressing, lovely grilled chicken breasts with Jim’s rosemary & thyme marinade, my pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe -a group inspiration while on the beach, salad, of course, and for dessert, The Big Fruit Salad.
Food expectations for the rest of the day will be based heavily on leftovers. (this post was collaborated with Paul.)

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6 Responses to Early ramblings

  1. I like calling it a blab – that fits with the dish aspect. Oh, come on Bets!!! It’s fun! Like collaging, and making candles in the sand, and tie dying and…….you know – all our fun stuff!!!!

  2. Betsy Antinori Mundell says:

    Explain to me why this is better than our group emails? I mean, we are fascinating, yes, but really who else is going to access this stuff? And the word, blog, is so unappealing. I know they’re so hot right now, but just not feeling it. Grumpily, Bets

    • Yeah, that is pretty grumpy. Actually at times we call it a blab. I guess you want out of the loop when the money starts coming in. Seriously, we have to get with the program and I want to learn all about the web and all its…annoyances.

  3. Margaret says:

    Finally, Rose gave me the website info so I can view the blog (blab). Looks great. Just back from a week at the beach with the family. We had a triple A clambake on August 1 after the torrential downpours in the morning and the butter explosion in the microwave (ask Paul, he was there). We had a lot of Careys for the Bake, which was great, including the newest one — Kelly, who is incredibly cute and has crazy hair. (Reminds me of what little Paul Mundell told Aunt Jane: “Around here, we just wait for our hair to come down.” Classic). Ok, gotta go back to work but just wanted to post so that R & D get a little help here.

  4. dantinori says:

    OK – I feel I need to give a little background here – you know, the back-story. Like Wicked is to The Wizard of Oz. Jimmy and Margaret own a lovely home in Sea Girt, NJ but reside full time in New York City with their perfect children, Michele, 12 and James, 10 (this is Aunt Deb blogging so I’m allowed to say that). Paul and I own the house next door in Sea Girt for these last 2 years, but are full-time Basking Ridge residents. Family demographics – Paul has 8 brothers and sisters. There are 23 nieces and nephews, and 3 great-nieces to date. Betty is our matriarch and enjoys the Sea Girt Antinori Compound, as we all do. Al is Paul’s brother, and his wife is Rose – the keeper of this blog. Their 3 perfect children are Charlie 22, Julia 19 and Grace 13 (again, Aunt Deb can say this). So Jimmy, Al and Paul do like to frequent Rod’s on the main drag of Sea Girt, prior to grilling up some major steak, chicken, fish and veggies. Rose, Margaret, Deb and various other sisters and sisters-in-law (whom you will meet in a timely fashion – we don’t want to overwhelm you) are at home in the late afternoon talking, laughing, cooking, collaging and otherwise art-projecting with the kids. Maybe there’s some guac out and some moz and tomatos with Margaret’s favorite Sea Salt Bagel Chips. I think this is enough back-story for now. More to follow. “And your little DOG, toooooo!!!” (That’s for Rose, and also ties in my W/WO theme earlier – tricky, n’est pas??)

    • Thanks Deb, I’m glad for your back story input. Hopefully, the rest of our extended group will add some thoughts or comments.

      It is summer and therefore Sea Girt is an important part of our blog. Joe and Jodi will be up for a visit at the end of July from Burnsville, North Carolina with their kids, Luke, Vincent and Theo. The house will be a rockin’ (really). Also, The Mundell’s, Betsy and daughter Kate will be in from California at the end of August. Betsy’s husband Paul and Paul Jr. will be back home in Bodega. Betsy will wow us with some sick desserts which will put strains on some of us with crazy diets (ok, mine). Our big event every summer is the annual Clam bake which will be held on Aug. 1st this year. That should be an interesting blog posting to look forward to. Not sure if this is fact yet but I also believe Paul and Kate Carey (Jane & John’s son and daughter-in-law} and new baby, Kelly Elizabeth, will be in from El Paso Texas. Much more family to get to know…

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