The Clam Bake week

Well, what a whirlwind of a week.  We arrived down in Sea Girt this past Friday for the start of a great week.  Preparations were being made for the 56th (?) annual Clambake for Sunday. Tent, table & chairs up, seafood ordered and Nonna & Paul did the “big shop”.  Al built the seafood fire pit.  We had a bit of a roadblock when John Michael noticed that a geyser was spewing from the lawn where the young tent installer “gingerly” hammered in a stake. Al, Jim & Paul assessed the situation and Al commented “no problem we can fix it” After the long drawn out process of fixing the gate of the new fence that these guys worked on earlier they did need a new job. Al, bad back and all, fixed the leak with the help of Johnny, on the spot, Carey  getting the parts and the other guys looking on.

Sunday began with the Sea Girt 5k run. Quite a bunch from the group ran the race.   Joe & Lena Carey arrived Saturday via the red eye from California with a visit for a few days ran it. Margaret,  John Carey sr, & jr. , Charlie, Jodi, Joe, Paul also ran. Six yr. old Theo ran and won 1st in his age group and 5th in 10 and under. I’m still in awe of some who ran after a long night of “fun”.

The hot, muggy run was later followed by torrential rain.  Jodi, who had driven up with all six kids, hers, mine and theirs (Dales), from North Carolina from a week of “Camp” to stay in Sea Girt for the week was awaiting a car service (didn’t get any takers to driver her) to the airport to go back home. Joe had arrived Friday night and was staying on with the kids for a few more days.
The Bake had lots of Antinoris, Careys, Reuthers, Rahners.  There was also new baby Kelly (Paul & Kate Carey) and baby shower for Rose Marrone who is due Sept. 25th.  Except for the rumblings of ousting Paul as Commandant of the Bake it all went smoothly. We started off with Mozz & Tomato and bread, hamburgers and hot dogs,  followed by clams on the half shell, mussels and steamers. Later, out of the seafood pit came shrimp and lobster. All cooked to perfection. We also had salad and corn. Ricky Marrone, who was not present, sent his delicious clam sauce for the linguini.  Then came dessert, which some people missed because there was a lot of activity over by the bar with Doug Reuther’s pina coladas. Doug complained later of a sore finger from too much blender use.  By the end of the day we of course had round two of hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, corn and shrimp salad. Nothing left, some were still hungry. Their was talk of ordering pizza but I guess we had to draw a line.
Later, when all were gone, those of us who were staying at the Big House and Little House,  had what we have called in the past “the circle of trust”. Basically, sit around drinking and talking about whatever. Some drinking more than others…I’ll leave it at that.
The beach days were great. Perfect weather. Lots of reading and relaxation. The new “Cadillac” beach chairs were to die for. At least I thought so. So nice to have Joe and the kids for a few more days before they trek back to North Carolina via car.  Joe sponsored and chaperoned a trip to Yankee Stadium with the kids on Monday night.  Although no 6ooth for A rod and the Yankees lost they all had a fun time. Earlier in the week Jane took Grace & Michele to do pottery. Deb and the girls and Theo also did a little collaging. Deb commented that we have been collaging for a year now and it never gets old. Surprisingly, Deb and I didn’t get one scrabble game in. There is always next time.

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3 Responses to The Clam Bake week

  1. dantinori says:

    A bit more on the Antinori Infirmary housed at the Dale Sea Girt residence – Paul is recovering – foot up with ice on for 20 min. (off for 20 min), some Advil and some Scotch Old-fashioned with muddled fruit. James seems to have come out no worse for the wear with this battle scars – he’s getting feedback that he looks like Harrison Ford in some action movie. Margaret is considering a manicure, so I think the jalapeno has gone south of the border, so to speak. We are hoping for a totally boring day tomorrow – reading books at the beach, some Scrabble, collaging. My 85-yr old father has sent us his regards and told us to behave in the face of all the madness today – so we’d better. I’ve been humming “Ain’t Misbehavin'” all night. Thanks, Dad. xo Deb

  2. Margaret says:

    JM — we are amazed at your slow food commitment. We are at the beach in the Girt. Had a beautiful day but many casualties — JZ took a header in the sand. He has a huge shiner. Uncle Paul hurt his foot, and I have jalapeno burn under my finger nails, which by the way is that not uncommon. so maybe you should wear gloves when cutting jalapenos.

  3. jnmchcarey says:

    Tonight I outdid myself. I kind of made it a slow day and did a tiny bit of food shopping.
    I ran into a farm stand I forgot was there. A local organic place set up in front of the health food store in Middletown. Anyway, tempted by the beautiful tomatoes. Aunt Ruby’s German Green. A sungold sample. Their stuff looked twenty times better than the stuff we used to put out at my farm market a year ago. Came home and made the cornbread with corn flour instead of corn meal. A little over cooked even though I took it out 6 minutes early. I think it’s the electric oven. The blueberry coffee cake and pesto pizza turned out much nicer. Paul called today they’re still down at the beach. Best dinner I’ve cooked in a while.

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