…the sea was angry that day my friends

Al and I arrived at the 510 Philadelphia this weekend to find out that Paul was at the emergency room taking care of an almost broken foot.  Apparently, while riding his new surf board he had to make a quick move to save little James and friend Teddy from an idiot heading right at them on a haphazardly ridden boogey board and stepped down wrong.  Also, James took a mean spill out of the ocean across the sand on his face and got a scratched face and shiner. (Fortunately, by the end of the weekend all were recovering nicely.)
While it was quiet Al and I decided to go down to the beach where camp was already set up.  Well, we found camp in a big heap all soaken wet and flooded because high tide had come in.  Surprised, we dragged the stuff to dryer land. The people next to us told us about the people who saved it all from floating out to sea altogether.  A little while later Debbie came down to sit for a little and told us the story of the emergency room and how Paul was doing.  While sitting there the ocean washed up again and flooded us so we decided to go back home.

Marilyn and Doug, Cindy and Charlie were down and we all enjoyed a lovely dinner. We had  Jim’s “Sea Girt Chicken” stuffed with broccoli rabe and mozzarella, spicy grilled scallops (Margaret had jalepeno pepper burn under her fingernail during preparation) salad, corn, Betsy’s green beans with the lemon vinagarette … For dessert, we had coconut custard and peach pies that we had picked up at Delicious Orchards on the way down. All very nice.

In the morning, the boys, Al, Paul, Jim and Charlie, sanded down the outside table and sealed it with tongue oil and then joined us all down the beach. The surf was even rougher than the day before and we were only allowed in up to our waists.  Unfortunately,  not too much later the sky was a bit overcast and we all came home for a lunch. We had leftovers and newly grilled shrimp and Margaret’s  terrific peach crisp.

In order to beat the traffic, we beat it at 3:45. Great time, great weekend.

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2 Responses to …the sea was angry that day my friends

  1. Maybe that Tongue Oil will taste good on Italian bread!

  2. Al Antinori
    2010/08/09 at 10:50 am

    “Tongue Oil” Jimmy, is that the right spelling?!

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