CAB Day 2 dawns

Dawn patrol (James and I) made revolutionary muffins.  You’ve had it
in a smoothie; you’ve had it in chewing gum.  Now, try it in a muffin
– banana strawberry.  It was all James’ idea.  And it’s pretty good –
mashed bananas and chunks of strawberry.

We also had a rare Paul Jr. sighting.  The wild and elusive one was on
his way to work at the local farm supply.  It’s their customer
appreciation day, and he’s in charge of the free water.  We hope to
get another glimpse of him later tonight, particularly because we’ll
have an MD in the house and since he’s seen James’ finger set up he
thinks someone should look at the toe he smashed awhile back while
skim boarding.

Yesterday’s blackberry patch did not disappoint.  We have a bucket
full of the fattest, juiciest berries, which we’ll turn into a pie in
a bit.  The pastry is resting in the frig.  Strangely, all the berries
we wanted were juuust about out of reach.  You really had to stretch
and balance precariously and hope you didn’t fall into the thicket of
thorny, spiky brambles.  We didn’t ever fall completely in, but we are
all nicely lacerated.  It hurt, but we believe, “It’s all for the good
of the pie.”  That’s just how we roll.

Dinner was a casual affair of chicken quesadillas, pronounced with the
l’s intact, not the authentic espanol.

We hit the hot tub.  Our finest bread bag (organic whole grain)
protected James’ arm.  The fog was rolling past us as we luxuriated in
the tub.  It did our sore and scratched bodies good.

We closed Day 1 with a screening of a CAB favorite – Cool Runnings.
James and I didn’t make it till the end.  Uncle Paul, who perhaps
hasn’t ever seen it (poor guy), enjoyed it the most.  Mich bailed
before the end too.

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