CAB Day 3 dawns

Had a great day yesterday with Martinezites Joe and Lena. Sadly, Dave is on OB duty, and can’t get away.

After some snacking (natch), we headed out for a hike, up to Freezeout Flat, where we took the Islands in the Sky loop. They come up with some great names, don’t they? Some of us couldn’t help but notice that the trail went straight up for quite some time. Some might
consider the views at the top to be a reward. I don’t know. James
found many things along the trail that were throwable. He and Joe
also tromped off trail several times to “scare” us by hiding behind
rocks. Can anyone say “poison oak?” I think that the natural oils
accumulating on James’ skin might protect him. Joe is on his own.

We also saw some interesting sights along the road. One was a grown
woman walking along with a pacifier in her mouth, and then on the way
back, a dilapidated baby carriage on the side of a very narrow road, with, yes, a baby inside. Could there be a connection? Sounds creepy typing it, but we didn’t let it bother us. Is that a good thing?

Upon arrival at home, our mixologist (Paul Sr) got out the industrial size Tanqueray (Costco!) and poured delicious gin and tonics all around. While dinner prep was happening, he took out his spanking new computer and there was general oohing and ahing.
A Skype connection was established with Goshen and we had some quality time
with John Michael. Meanwhile, Joe had fired up the grill and seasoned the
ribeyes, Lena had shucked the corn, and I had tossed some of Joe’s
cucumbers with tomatoes and cucs from the farm into a salad. Rowdy
air hockey was our background noise, amazing since it was James
alone. Michele had gone off for a nap, amazing since the air hockey
rowdiness was right outside her door practically and she was zonked.
She woke up halfway through dinner and rejoined us in time for the
pie. Oh boy, were those berries juicy. It was kind of like a pie and
soup in one. We slurped it up with ice cream and called it a meal.
We may make another attempt on Monday, this time armed with more

After Joe had done a thorough examination of Paulie’s toe, we let them
head home, and we turned on the hot tub. Paul Jr. was busy with the
new computer and showed us all about 100 amazing things it can do that
no one knew about yet. I didn’t understand about 99 of the things,
but Paul Sr., Mich and James were impressed. James and I hottubbed.
Then we screened Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (slightly racy). Then we
collapsed into bed.

It’s 8 in the morning, and my trusty dawn patrol partner is still
asleep! We’re headed to Safari West today.

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