CAB  Day 4 dawns – where does the time go?

Dawn patrol was up and running shortly after I posted yesterday’s email.  I got James right on orange juice detail.  The kid has talent.  Even with a broken pinky he got every last drop of juice out of those oranges.  It was delicious.  We popped some Pepperidge Farm
apple turnovers into the oven, just because, and I got some popovers
going.  Also, mangoes got chunked, since we bought a CASE of them at Costco.  We were in some kind of a fruit frenzy, and now there’s pressure to eat it all.

After breakfast, and scorpion observations (Mich’s science homework), we headed out with Juneau and Ressa to do my “loop.”  It’s about 2 1/2 miles down our road, up a steep Joy Road and across on Joy Ridge Road back to home.  Joe and Jodi may have run it.  We walked.  And complained.  We searched mightily for 4 leafed clovers, but to no avail.

Before we headed out into public, i insisted that we wash James’
hair.  It was fascinating, in that you could sculpt it into any form
you want.  Still, I didn’t want the animals at Safari West to think he
was one of them.  So, we did a quick bathtub hair wash, and headed
out.  Excellent sing alongs in the car.  Some of the lyrics make me
blush, but I played it off.

Safari West.  400 acres of African animals on a preserve near
Calistoga.  We were in a 12 person jeep, top level!, driving around.
We saw lots of animals, and even more animal poo.  James’ favorite was
the long-horned Egyptian cattle.  The babies were right next to our jeep and so cute.  I liked the bongo from the Congo, one of the many types of antelope.  Bongo means 13 in the Congo language, and the animal has 13 “up and down” stripes on its body.  I could barely contain my annoyance every time the guide said “up and down.”  Like “vertical” is just too big a word.
But this is no place for a rant about the state of our language, right?  The giraffes were another highlight, with their long, prehensile tongues.  James says the Doritos he snacked on were also great.  In all, we had a lovely time, but, truth be told, it wasn’t really all that.

James, in a move he should trademark, fell asleep at the dinner table
after drinking some Coke, and slept through the meal.  He awoke, and
was able to eat while the adults had coffee.  We three campers then
headed off to Whole Foods, because we needed kelp powder for today’s
activity, the making of dog biscuits.  And if you need kelp powder,
the only place to go is Whole Foods.  We had to settle for granules,
but we think we can make it work.

I’m off to rewrap James’ pinky.  We have a multi-colored supply of Vet
Wrap, and we choose different colors every morning, depending on our
mood, man.  Yesterday was neon pink and green.  James rocked it.
We’ve already had royal blue, and purple and gold (Go Lakers).  Today
we may do various shades of green, in an attempt at camo.

We’re mostly home today, making the biscuits, and calzone for dinner.

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