Camp Aunt Betsy (CAB) 2010 Session 2 – ROAD TRIP – commences

Got the honeys, Mich and James, here in Bodega.
James broke his pinky
finger yesterday playing
basketball and has a most extensive cast/sling thing going. That’s going to be hard to keep clean and dry.  Fortunately we don’t bathe a lot at CAB, so the dry part is only a problem around the pool and hot tub.
Clean, well…  We have lots of veterinary first aid stuff, so I think I’m going to wrap it now and hope that the original layer will hold up.

We did some errands on the way home from the airport b/c our Martinez guest counselors are coming up here tomorrow.  Now we’re heading out to a secret blackberry patch, where we will get enough berries to turn into a pie.

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