How much can we possibly eat?

Last week’s rain has ended, the sun, and heat, are out and we are raring to go in Sea girt. However, the sea is-really- angry my friends. There is only a small section of beach two blocks down that has been sectioned off for swimming. It is a big crowd of people jumping up and down in the waves. It looks like a big party and all that’s missing are the drinks and appetizers.
Speaking of… Last night we had a sick dinner. We started off with cheese burger sliders ala John Michael’s organic beef as well
as some excellent steaks. We followed with grilled fluke and scallops and chicken. Along side these dishes we had Betsy’s polenta with
mushrooms and gorgonzola which some were calling ” the best thing I ever ate”. Which I took offense to because Al said that. Indeed.
We followed this with Betsy’s peach and polenta up sided down cake.
I was over joyed to have Marilyn’s weight watchers blueberry
muffins – which were excellent!
I’m blogging now as there is lots of activity in the kitchen for
tonights dinner. Dinner will consist of gazpacho, grilled chicken and shrimp, linguini and clams and Cesar salad. Plum galette, grilled

fruit, ice cream with hot fudge and raspberry sauce…yeah Betsy again. How annoying : )

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