We are stuffed

Margaret commented “we used, washed and dried every dish, pot and pan -twice today. The previously posted dinner was great. Earlier tonight, Nonna and Charlie kindly went to Hoffmans to pick up lots of ice cream for an added dessert. After a very long patient wait they brought home tubs of terrific flavors. Lots of full stomachs and happy faces.

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2 Responses to We are stuffed

  1. I know, I forgot the Kugel, my mistake. I had drawn a line for myself and didn’t have any of that. I quickly crossed over the line with everything else.

  2. CD says:

    Hi – so I left SG more than 24 hours ago and am still full…how did you forget to mention the kugel, peach/polenta/butter/sugar cake, rice crispie treats, caramels from Cali, fresh baked cookies…
    Maybe the caramels were discussed in a CAB post – nice addition by the way.
    Love that you added photos too. XO CD

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