I’ve been blogged down, but now I’m back (Christmas 2010)

It has been a busy, but joyful holiday season with much to reflect upon. Christmas Eve 2010 was another successful event. With the great exception that little James Dale was sick and Margaret, top notch organizer, stayed home to care for him in Sea Girt.  We managed without them but they were sorely missed. James thankfully recovered nicely.

Our 7+ fishes were all great dishes.   As usual, there was barely a leftover (darn it). There was an abundance of desserts. Cindy Antinori’s traditional rice pudding, chocolate mousse, and a newly added tiramisu were all delicious. We also had cakes, candy and cookies, as well as cut fruit and a beautiful fruit basket.  We have since been enjoying some of those leftovers, but maybe a little too much.  Jim Dale selected the most perfect wines. Most notably, the mega bottle of Duckhorn, which I believe was a double magnum containing 3 bottles.   Al always kept the punch bowl fresh and ready.

The highlight of Christmas Eve is always the arrival of Santa and his elves.  “Santa” aka Doug DePice had an untraditional, yet very amusing Seinfeld quiz for us, we sang songs and Santa gave out gifts. Mariella was adorable.  Her eyes lit up enjoying it all. Little sister Tori was not quite as convinced what a good time it all was but adorable nonetheless.

We welcomed Matt and Allison’s new baby, Alexandra Christine, born just weeks before. Paul & Kate and sweet baby Kelly were in from Spokane.  Speaking of the Carey’s, everyone were present and accounted for including Joe & Lena and David in from California. Joe took great pictures.

An interesting topic of the evening were the copies of two pages from the 1911 manifest of passengers which documented the arrival of the Antinori’s to the United States at Ellis Island. Our son Charlie has been researching the ancestry and purchased the pages.

We really enjoy hosting Christmas Eve and are very thankful for all of your help and contributions to make it such a special night. It really is a group effort.

Here are some links to photos taken by Joe Carey and Debbi:



On Christmas Day, we visited my brother Jim & sister-in-law Judy and nephew Rocco at their home in Denville.   We had a delicious dinner and a nice day with my family.

After shoveling out of the blizzard of 2010 we had a uneventful week and then headed down to Sea Girt to ring in the New Year. Lots of laughs, food & fun.  In attendance besides the Dales were Paul & Deb, Al, Grace & I, John Michael & Cindy.  Mara & Doug, Charlie and Julia arrived for New Year’s Day.

Margaret made Passatini and homemade pasta that we later enjoyed with shrimp. There was steak and chicken, green beans among many other dishes & potato skins, which when we finally ate them they were great. There was an ongoing laugh about gout and gluten… I think you had to be there though.

I hope you all stay warm, happy and healthy this winter. I hope to post some comfort food recipes soon. Check out John Michael’s addition I added to the Recipes category.


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1 Response to I’ve been blogged down, but now I’m back (Christmas 2010)

  1. Hey Rose – just saw this excellent entry! Love the pix and commentary – it was a great Xmas Eve. You and Al are the hosts with the mosts!!

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