Happy 100th anniversary

(posted by Al)
Today, 3/25/2011, is the 100 year anniversary of the arrival of our line of Antinoris in America. Albierico 38 years old, Laborer– Regina 37 years old, Housewife– and Antonio 11year old Youth landed at Ellis Island on 3/25/1911. They told Immigration that they were staying with family in West Hoboken, NJ, which is now part of Union City. Between the 3 of them, they had a hundred bucks total.( that they admitted, I hope they were hiding more)

So today, I will look back on the last hundred years, and realize how far this country and the opportunities it offered, allowed 3 strangers to start from scratch, and get as far as we all have.

I also realize when looking back, that we really haven’t changed that much… We still go to Hoboken for mozz and the best bread. Physical labor is still something none of us shy’s away from (maybe not). And I still have about a hundred bucks to my name.

PS- I hope you all noticed the plural form of Antinori used above. It still looks wrong (and Greek)

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