Welcome Summer 2011

This past weekend we had a great start to summer in Sea Girt. There was lots of fun, food and laughs.  Jobs, jobs, jobs – Al, Paul and Jim did fence fixing, gardening, central air conditioner and car repairs to name a few. Of course, Deb and I collaged late into the evening. I won’t discuss  the scrabble game : (   As usual, there was no shortage of enjoyable meals.  Jim grilled steak, scallops, shrimp and tuna.  Deb made delicious cod and Marilyn and Doug made their own tasty version the next night.  Paul made pesto and Margaret made her hearty and savory artichoke dip.  Nonna prepared homemade manicotti and Cindy and Jane Suglia assembled a delicious salad. We discovered that we loved the roasted tomatoes from Joe Leone’s gourmet deli so much that we were sure we could make them as well if not better. That was an activity.  Jim took the kids to see Transformers on the rainy Sunday. We headed home Sunday night and spent the 4th with our friends and family in Teaneck.

*Photos taken by Debbi Antinori

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2 Responses to Welcome Summer 2011

  1. Thanks Deb. I just added your photo credit. You would think I would remember that working for a newspaper. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Sooo excellent, Rose! Love to see all the pix (which I took – except for your collage – excellent!!) and remember the great weekend. It certainly was fun. Simi likes Diego’s food – Pimpernel is picky as ever! Hope to see you down at the Girt again soon! And to the rest of the “fam” – come on down! Or up, as the case may be – or over for Bets!!! xo Aunt Deb

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