Clambake 2011

“It’s like a sauna in here” could have been the unofficial theme of the Clambake this year. In spite of the heat and humidity and the smaller crowd,  the 2011 Clambake was very successful.

The day started with the Sea Girt 5k run. This year our participants were Uncle Paul, and nephews James and John Michael.  In spite of the incredible heat our three finished with respectable time. Margaret, Betsy and Deb and I waited at the 2 mile mark to support them as they passed. We clapped and cheered but at one point feeling silly we yelled at the over heated runners “hey what are you complaining about we’ve been standing here waiting”

We had some changes to the menu this year. Mussels removed ( I always liked them) as well as baked clams. Mac and Cheese removed but added at the last minute due to

the disappointed younger set. My favorite is Ricky Marrone’s linguine and clams. Lobsters and shrimp were perfectly steamed in the pot. This year we had hired help for kitchen prep, cleaning and serving. This has proven to be an especially nice addition. Also, “Reuther juice” was flowing and the pina coladas were blending. John Michael’s friend  from Goshen, Kate, brought delicious chocolate for us to sample from her new business she is starting. Her “Bixby Bars” are healthy, delicious chocolate snack bars. (I will blog more about her bars and business at a later date)

Deb and I, Julia, Grace, Paul jr. and Michele and James took to making friendship bracelets as our latest craft.  I still prefer collaging to all hours of the night.

Betsy, Kate and Paul Mundell were here which was a nice bonus. Kate was up from Haverford, young Paul was here for a two week course at Brown University and Betsy flew in from California to stay for the week and to pick up Paul at Brown. Betsy and I  drove up to Providence together to get Paul. I told her that signs and directions weren’t my strong points but I could be lively and supportive company. Seriously, I got her there to her son and a clean bathroom very successfully. We had delicious sandwiches on Thayer St. and headed off into what turned out to be some of the worst traffic she’s probably ever seen. There were several times when stuck in traffic we said “We can just pull off into that town and make a nice life for ourselves” ( you really had to be there). Paul slept the entire ride and never knew how close he came to living in Connecticut.

After the clambake, Bets, Kate and Paul Jr. headed back home and Julia, Grace, Michele and James went with them to spend the week with them in Bodega.  Camp Aunt Betsy, aka, CAB is in full swing as I’m writing. I will blog her CAB updates here as they come in.

Photo credits: Deb Antinori/Rose Antinori

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4 Responses to Clambake 2011

  1. Thanks to you, Jim, Al and clambake King Paul for great organization and planning as usual.

  2. Margaret says:

    Awesome post Ro. Smaller crowd than usual as we were down some Rahners. Food was outstanding as usual. Steamers replaced the mussels. I personally think we should have both. Must talk to Paul about that. The “helpers” were key and worth their weight in gold. Pics look great.

  3. Thanks Deb. Send me those pics. “It’s like a sauna in here” is from Seinfeld. Kramer is in the sauna. It’s a play on an earlier post “The sea was angry that day my friends”

  4. Aunt Deb says:

    I beyond-the-valley of love (lerve for those who remember Woody Allen’s line from Annie Hall ) this post! You and Betsy need to write the book – I just emailed Bet$ after her 2nd CAB installment email re: Laser Tag. I have more pix to send you and am working on it now. The only correction I would make is that it “Is Like a Steam Bath Out Here” – as it was so humid I wanted to cry, scream and move to Antarctica. xo Aunt Deb

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