Camp Aunt Betsy – Day 1 Dawns

Betsy: This year, inspired by the storming of Osama’s compound by Navy SEALs, Camp Aunt Betsy is going military.  HOOYAH!!  We will train as the SEALs do: on sea, in the air, and on land.

Our flight was uneventful.  I sat next to Debbie Downer, in the body
of a 12 year old.  It was straight out of Saturday Night Live!  The
kids were several rows back.  Word was James slept the whole time,
even though Michele spilled water on him.  The rest of them ate a lot
of candy.  Which I did not supply!  Aunt Rose knows who did.  Right
Aunt Rose?

Uncle Paul picked us up in the big truck.  It seats 6 comfortably,
with legal requirements for seat belts met.  We were going to wing it
with 7 passengers.  Then, when Kate decided to come home, we figured 8
would be too many, and hatched a plan involving the airport bus and a
car left at the stop here in our area.  That bus was scheduled to
leave at 11 pm and then not again until 12:30 am.  We got in at
quarter to 11 (late, thank you United) and so were looking at the
12:30 bus.  Which wasn’t looking good to anyone.  Soooo, we piled all
the luggage in the bed.  Five people in the back seat, sans seat
belts, but securely wedged against one another, and 3 people in the
front.  As we headed up the freeway, discussing the legality our our
arrangement (and how amazing comfortable it was, actually – thank you
Ford), James pipes up with the solution to our legal woes.  If we’re
stopped by the coppers for overloading our vehicle, we can claim
“conjoined twins.”  Four of the people in the back are actually 2 sets
of conjoined twins, protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Therefore, there are only 3 people in the back! The kid’s a genius.
At some point in the discussion, Michele asked Uncle Paul if he’d
really try that argument if we got stopped.  New rounds of laughter.
Julia was querying Uncle Paul about the freeway system on the west
coast, and shared that “infrastructure interest me.”  More laughing.

Made it home through the fog.  Beds were all set up with a lovely
Nerds licorice rope on the pillows from the turn down service.
Everyone (except Jul) immediately wiped that out.  Then some of us
brushed our teeth (I’m NOT naming names), and hit the sack.

James and Kate were dawn patrol.  James and I are about to create
breakfast, which is a challenge, since Uncle Paul didn’t do any
shopping (unless you count buying whisky and bitters at the Bottle
Shop) and we have no milk.  I think we’re up to it though.

Activity for the day is laser tag and lunch at …..In N  Out!
Probably also a big supermarket shop.  And, we’re off.


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3 Responses to Camp Aunt Betsy – Day 1 Dawns

  1. Aunt Deb says:

    I’m seriously hoping that there is not a cut-off age for CAB – is 59 too old?

  2. Margaret says:

    Thanks for posting Ro.

    James’ “conjoined twins” idea is brillant.

    proud mother

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