Camp Aunt Betsy Day 1 closes – land training

The highlight of the day was laser tag.  It is 15 minutes of scary,
sweaty fun, and we will probably do further training there later this
week.  The place is an old furniture store that has been converted to
an arcade and paintball/laser tag emporium.  The only food they sell
are nachos and hot dogs.  It is all run (and mostly frequented) by
teenage guys.  And it smells like it.  Paul Jr. had some of his homies
with him, Dawson and Anthony, and they together with James, formed a
team.  The girls and some little kids that were there were the other
team.  The girls got wiped out.  That was game one.  We took a break
and went next door to In N Out for lunch, and to discuss strategy.
Kate took a picture of the guy table (Paul, James, Dawson and Anthony)
yucking it up, calling one another dude, high fiving, etc.  James is
so happy he’s practically floating out of his seat.  With a little
tech support I may be able to send that photo along.  But take it from
me, the boy was glowing.  Julia dubbed him a “DIT” short for “dude in

Back to the laser tag place for game two, and I agreed to play to even
the odds for the girls.  Ha.  It’s dark in there, music is blasting,
and no one really explained how the heck things work.  I was getting
shot left and right, mercilessly, by my son and nephew.  I actually
came out of the game with fewer points than I started with.  James was
“top gun” for that game, mostly because he stalked me, i think.  And
maybe Julia.  Neither of us understood that we had to shoot a certain
section of the freakin’ vest to score.  So, we were easy pickins.
Kate, on the other hand, was high fiving with the ref, who thought he
was Mr. T.   The only black man in Sonoma County works at Escape laser
tag emporium and has a mohawk.  He was actually on our team and he and
Kate got all our points.  Mich and Gray may have done some scoring.
Who knows?  Still, the guys beat us.  They are just really into it!

Afterwards, we had some housekeeping to take care of, so we headed off
to Costco to make bulk purchases for the week.  Always a good time.
Julia marveled at bottled water that cost 50 cents.  I think she
enjoyed it a little more because it was so cheap.  Dinner was ravioli
and salad.  We’re carb loading for the fair tomorrow.  After dinner
the kids did some hot tubbing, to relax the warrior muscles that got a
workout playing tag.  The fog had blown in, so there were no stars.
Then we watched a seriously painfully bad Adam Sandler movie.  Kate
was already in bed and James fell asleep instantly, but the rest of us
stuck it out.  It was so bad it was good.  The best worst movie we’ve
ever seen.  Uncle Paul carried James up to bed, and may never be the

Before we left home today we did manage to make breakfast in a stone
soup sort of way.  James and I found some frozen buttermilk, so we
made pancakes.  James really lamented the lack of breakfast meats, but
we remedied that today at Costco.  We now have bacon and breakfast
sausages.  We meant to bring a chub of Taylor ham from New Jersey, but
forgot.  That would have been the third meat (30 Rock reference).
Before breakfast, James and I did a training hike through the woods,
with our K-9 units.  It’s about a 3 mile loop, mostly through
redwoods.  Kate was off on a solo run.  The other girls were still

We did get word that our Martinez counselors are pulling out all the
stops, and that baby Jolena is on the way.  We’re all excited beyond
words and plan to get on onesie tie dying tomorrow.  The plan is to
write “future CAB camper” on the front and then all this year’s
campers want to sign the back before we tie dye it.  We think the
little guy will like it.  We’re mostly betting on a guy.  But a girl
would be good, if she’s a good shot.  Of course, we all just want a
healthy baby and momma.  The campers went to bed hoping to hear the
good news in the morning.

Tomorrow is the Sonoma County Fair.  Unlimited ride day!  Hooyah!
Better get to bed.  Kisses to all.


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