Camp Aunt Betsy – Day 2 closes

We here at CAB have had some stellar counselors, past and present.
However, today I’m honored to elevate one above all the rest and name
Ms. Elena Chavez Carey as CAB’s very first inductee in the CAB
Counselor Hall of Fame.  She really went the extra mile to provide the
campers with a special thrill.  We were at the Sonoma County Fair when
we got word of the arrival of John Cesar Chavez Carey (pretty good
name, but what’s wrong with Joe Leonard?).  We had been in a state of
high excitement, had reviewed various birthing scenarios and were
quite relieved that the kid finally arrived.  We all drank a toast to
him at dinner tonight, and considered that he might be nicknamed J C
cubed.  On a serious note, I spent about an hour at the fair being
choked up about how lucky we are to have such beautiful healthy
children.  I hadn’t actually seen the new baby, but I know that he is

Okay, enough sappy stuff.  Dawn patrol was up and at ’em before 6.
That would be Kate and James.  I joined them shortly afterwards, and
we got a start on breakfast.  The muffins of the day were mixed berry
and peach melba.  Delicious, made from the cookbook Jane Dale gave me
years ago.
We also cooked up a big batch of our bacon and sausage.  James
advertised “meat and cheese for breakfast.”  Cheese fresh cut by
James.  No matter how many times you say it, it’s always funny.

After breakfast we were off to the Fair.  James and Paul went in the
Dude-mobile.  We chicks followed in the Volvo.   I didn’t think we
should push our luck with overloaded vehicles.  Perfect day for the
Fair, fog had burned off, sun not too bright, temperature around 70.
As you know, it was unlimited ride day and the campers hit the ground
running.  They went on all kinds of zippery, swingy, upside downy,
roller coastery rides.  There were rides there from Neverland, playing
Michael Jackson music.  Some of us wore sunscreen, some hats, some
sunglasses.  I was the only one with all three (middle aged).  Our
sherpa (me) carried a large sack with drinks and other necessities.
After the initial mad sprint from ride to ride we had a small glitch
with one camper who felt a little nauseous (despite having dosed with
Bonine, or Bonaire, as I kept calling it).  Okay, it was Grace.  She
kept it together, though, and did not, repeat, did not hurl.  The
other campers spent some time in the shade with Gray while James and I
took off for a date with destiny.  It was the Milk Mustache contest.
There were a lot of milk-drinking kids there, and only a few could
win.  No surprise, James was one of the winners.  On stage with his
Yankee shirt and cool sunglasses borrowed from his bro Paul.  He spun
the wheel to determine his prize and scored tokens for the photo
booth.  He was hoping to win the slice of Mom’s apple pie, but since
he was polite enough to let everyone else spin before him, that prize
was already taken.  I assured him that we could buy a piece of pie,
but he didn’t see the fun in that.  It is practically the only food
item we didn’t sample today.  What we did eat: large turkey
drumsticks, corndog, quesadilla, burrito, fish tacos, roasted corn,
funnel cakes, cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream, frozen chocolate-
dipped banana, buckets of lemonade.

After lunch we watched an amazing African Acrobat show.  Those guys
could limbo and jump rope like no other.  They ran around and jumped
on top of each other forming human pyramids, etc.  We were impressed.
We then headed out to have a look see at the vendors.  Jul checked out
one who had rosaries (are you reading this Non?).  She negotiated
shrewdly, without even knowing it, and got $10 off the price.  Yes,
there’s a joke in there, but you’ll have to make it yourselves.  Gray
and Mich were at the feather in the hair booth, which is so hot right
now, and Gray took the plunge.  That’s her second feather; i expect
she may be looking for some millet soon.  James purchased some
sunglasses.  The woman whose tent it was called him “guapo.”  That’s
handsome, for you gringos.  Second time in as many days that that
happened.  One of the sample ladies at Costco also felt she needed to
mention that.
We were big winners at the games of chance.  Michele scored a lovely
stuffed animal at the blow-up-the-balloon-with-the-water-pistol booth
and James went 6 for 6 at darts.

Got home and all the campers except James crashed.  He and I prepped
dinner, with a consult from big Jim about chicken marinade.  We also
checked out the yard-long box of cookies I had, just routine quality
control, and decided that they’re pretty good and we could serve them
with ice cream for dessert.   Everyone woke up in time to eat.  Kate
went right back to sleep, and the rest of us settled in for a
stimulating film.  Ace Ventura.  Yeah, what can one say?  I was clever
enough to catch James as he drifted off, and was able to get him up to
bed under his own steam.  You’re welcome, Paul Sr.  Paul Jr. just
reported that he’s doing some crazy sleep walking.  I’m staying out of

Not sure what tomorrow holds for us.  Have to settle it over
breakfast.  Good night all.


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