Camp Aunt Betsy ’11 – Day 3

James and I were at it early, crafting a peach and polenta upside down
for breakfast.  Hey, there’s eggs, milk, fruit.  At least as healthy
as Cocoa Puffs (yes, we set a low bar).  We did some pool maintenance,
helped a slug along the way, and settled in for some Word Nerd.  In a
super cosmic twist, the first bonus word on the screen was CAB.  I kid
you not.  Whoa.  We got it, of course, and moved on.  We almost came
to blows over a strategy difference.  James believes in the preemptive
board scramble when the letters are crummy.  I don’t, because I don’t
like the burning tile penalty.  James made his move and the screen
came up with the word “crap” in the top corner.  I suggested that it
was referring to his strategy.  He came back immediately with, “Or
maybe everything that comes out of your mouth.”  That hurt.  It’s 9 by
now and no one else is even stirring.

The girls finally showed up downstairs and we inhaled the peach and
polenta cake.  James had half a box of Raisin Bran and a half gallon
of milk.  He either eats nothing or goes crazy.  He and Paul went off
to spend some time on our neighbor’s trampoline (hooyah), and the
girls stayed behind and discussed relationships and parents (both are
a hassle).  Then we piled into the car for some sand theft in Bodega
Bay (for our sand candles).  Paul got us to a great spot and it was
completely anti-climactic.  We just scooped the sand into the box.
Then checked out the beach, which was cold.  We swung around to Bodega
Head, where the bay and ocean meet, and saw some sea lions cavorting.
James did not fall off any cliffs.  Injuries are against CAB rules.
Since we were passing the clam chowder place, we got some take out.
Julia had to take a handful of lactose tablets, but she says it was
worth it for the best clam chowder she’s ever had.  Tie dying ensued
after lunch, supervised by our excellent counselors Kate and Jul.
Can’t wait till tomorrow morning when we can wash it all and see how
everything turned out.

Dinner was at our local Mexican place, Martha’s.  Yum.  Kate and Jul
each had a salad with something called ponchos on them.  They’re
little baby tostadas.  Paul scarfed one of those gigantic burritos in
record time.  As if his role as James’ idol wasn’t cemented already.
On another happy note, we got the ingredient list for the awesome
creamy avocado salad dressing.  Mich was typing it into her cell phone
as the cook/owner told us.  Good kid.  After dinner we headed to
Snoopy’s Home Ice Arena for some skating.  Charles Schultz built it
for his daughter when she expressed an interest in skating.  Things
started out a little wobbly, but then there was impressively rapid
improvement.  There were a few minor injuries, but we put ice on
them.  Ha ha.  James and I were the only campers to participate in the
Hokey Pokey.  Can you believe it?  Paul Sr. said that he could see
some of us on the live webcam.

Tomorrow morning James will make the apple pie that he’ll enter into
the Gravenstein Apple Fair.  He and I must bring the pie by 11, for
judging to begin at noon.  James is in the 10-17 age category, which
seems like an unfairly big spread to all of us.  We’ll see what
happens.  The girls plan on going to the movies to see The Help.

I have to hit the hay.


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  1. (day 3 and day 4 are out of order. : (

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