Camp Aunt Betsy ’11 – Day 5 wraps

It was a craft extravaganza!  By now you’ve seen that Julia went to
bat on the galette and did a spectacular job.  James helped by eating
plums.  Sand candles, as always, were a hit.  There were neither burns  nor fires.  The campers spent a good amount of time with the Sculpey clay.  Jul made Lady Gaga.  They also painted birthday cards for
someone.  Paul Jr. and James did a manly tour of the woods across the street.

Kate says- Julia’s plum galette. Made by the head of the camp. Julia has already called half of it.

The pool saw a lot of action today.  The guys harassed us with water
pistols and giant super soakers.  Really we were just collateral
damage.  There was poolside reading and tanning.  We tried to play
ball in the pool, but one thing or another got in the way.  Too much
sun, lousy throws, super hard throws, aforementioned water pistols.
There was the ceremonial last night hot tub soak under the stars.

After dinner, our survival counselors, Uncle Paul and Paul Jr., led us
in survival bracelet construction.  We were slow starting, mostly
because the counselors were a little rusty.  But we all kept it
together and ended up with top notch bracelets.  Grace, James or Mich
(maybe?) can show you how to do it.  It’s 10 feet of parachute cord,
which will hold 550 pounds.  You never know when you might need rope.
The campers were impressed with the authenticity of the parachute cord.

We got confirmation from Papa Joe that we have an audience with the
baby tomorrow.  We’re psyched.  Afterwards we’ll head to indoor
skydiving, and then an overnight at a hotel near the airport.  The
campers depart on Tuesday morning at 9.

It’s been such a quick week.  I’m sorry not to be a perkier reporter,
but I’m pretty wiped.  They are such great fun, though, and you’d be
very proud of how they treat one another.

I’ll make my final report on Tuesday morning.

Kisses, AB

Betsy: Julia made the entire plum galette herself.  And it’s delicious.  AB

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