The Eagle has landed

Paul Mundell, Jr. is officially an Eagle Scout.  Yesterday, He passed his Eagle Board of Review with flying colors.  Proud mom, Betsy says,  “He’s relieved and happy.  Just in time too, because his uniform wasn’t going to fit him much longer!”
Congratulations Paul!

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1 Response to The Eagle has landed

  1. Albie says:

    Wow. Proud to say “I knew him when”!
    I can’t help but be reminded of the difference between today’s kids and how we were when we grew up. There were no Boy Scouts in Hudson County in the 70’s. The only scout I ever saw were “the bums” scouting for tin cans! Badges? The only badges we could ever earn were if you got the “Agility Badge” for successfully completing the sewer pipe balancing walk through the swamps into Secaucus without falling in to the quicksand, or the “Generosity” badge earned for giving up a portion of your milk money to the inhabitants of Ada’s Taxi stand, who demanded tribute for letting you walk past on your way to Kindergarten. The top badge you could get was the “Future Bookie” which you could earn by selling the football ticket to at least 10 people each week of the football season, and having none of them pick a winner.
    I guess things haven’t changed that much. Kids are still rewarded for doing good. It’s just that “good” was a different thing in our neighborhood, than on most of the planet. Good Times!

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