Happy Birthday, Mom

This past Sunday, April 1st, we joined together in Teaneck at Tony and Cindy’s for laughs, good food, fun and old memories and to celebrate my mother-in-law Betty’s 84th birthday. We passed around old photos, reminisced about old times and examined a book of Betty’s life story that was prepared by Jane’s friend, Jane, who carefully interviewed and collected Mom’s story and had it bound. The tales were told in her words and relayed simply and honestly.  The memories were heartfelt, interesting and sometimes funny.

Not everyone was present but everyone was there in spirit.
Little Ralphie is adorable and Loanna and Ralph are expecting another boy in July.

Jane and John had some family news. Son, Paul, was chosen Chief Resident for his orthopedic program.  His tenure will start July 1, his last year of the 5 year training period. Son, David, announced his engagement to Josemine, also a doctor, and are planning to wed next May after his last year of residency.

Kate Mundell is graduating from Haverford in May and brother Paul who is graduating from high school this year will be attending Haverford this Fall.

Thanks Tony and Cindy for being such gracious hosts.

Below are some pics (and photos of photos) from the party from me and Deb.

…until next time.

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, Mom

  1. Betsy Antinori Mundell says:

    You are all sooooo good looking. Sorry to have missed it.

  2. Thanks Deb. Your photos of photos came out great.

  3. dantinori says:

    How fabulous is this slideshow! So impressive – you are a great blogger, Rose! And what a great party for Betty. So much fun. The pictures and special “Betty Book” were totally ab fab. So nice to see “Little Ralph” and hear all the great family news. We are expanding and soon to have a nice intimate group of around 65 or so!! Thanks for posting, Rose! Aunt Deb

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