to nephew John Michael Carey who
passed his certification exam to become
a phlebotomist.
John will be attending SUNY New Paltz
in the Fall.  He will be majoring in Environmental Geochemical Science (Environmental Science)

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4 Responses to Congratulations…

  1. Betsy Antinori Mundell says:

    Yay for you JM. Bet you aced that test. I did a remark earlier about the word phlebotomy reminding me of the word phlegm, and it didn’t get posted. Censorship? What’s wrong with snot?

  2. dantinori says:

    Congrats to JM! I’m impressed! Now you can do my thyroid blood work for me at the shore sometime! hahaha….

  3. jnmchcarey says:

    Thanks Aunt Rose, I’m really looking forward to it, the test was a tough one, so I got to sweat it out for 20 days

    • Rose Antinori says:

      I imagine it was difficult. A lot more things to know about than one might think. So glad for you. I think you will be very good at reassuring patients. Good Luck!

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