Paul, Deb, Julia and The Cape

Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
The town of Wellfleet has one of the largest, protected harbors on Cape Cod.
It is bordered on the North by Truro, on the East by the Atlantic Ocean, to the South there is Eastham and to the West is Wellfleet Harbor and Cape Cod Bay.

The weather was perfect and the timing was right.  Last weekend, Paul and Debbi picked up Julia at school in Providence and headed out to their house in Wellfleet at the The Cape.

The weekend was full of a variety of activities.  To name a few, they walked both the ocean and bay beaches where they collected rocks and things. They toured favorite shops and enjoyed best loved restaurants.  They visited the Left Bank Gallery where Deb has some of her jewelry she made. They went to Narrow Land Pottery -a favorite of Paul and Deb. There Julia was introduced to Joe who does the pottery and his wife, Maryanne who works for the park service. They were given a tour around the shop and kiln. They had lunch at the Lighthouse that’s been around since at least the 50’s. They dined at a nice French restaurant and relaxed and watched movies at night.
Thanks so much for taking her and showing her around one of your most favorite places.
Here are some photos from Deb:

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2 Responses to Paul, Deb, Julia and The Cape

  1. jnmchcarey says:

    Sounds like a great time to be up there. Beautiful shots too.

  2. Aunt Deb says:

    Thanks for posting, Rose. We sure had fun with Julia. We were so glad the weather cooperated – it was like June! Jules is welcome anytime. So now the question is, who’s the next NJ Cape Codder??? XO Deb

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