Doug DePice, the next Food Network star?

Well…Doug recently met Amanda Freitag, a judge on Food Network’s Chopped.   Amanda was very impressed with his cheesecake that we all know and love.

Here’s the story Marilyn relayed to me:
Amanda Freitag came to our library.  Her grandmother, Margaret Grazioli, was our library’s first director.  Doug knew Mrs. Grazioli from when he started teaching here.  He always loved her!  Amanda gave such a great talk.  She’s really very comfortable and out-going — very sociable and happy.  She talked about remembering her grandmother and going to the library with her when she was little and how being there again was like a home-coming.

The library director, Jen, asked some of the former contest winners to bake so that Amanda could critique it.  Doug made his cheesecake, Josephine made cream puffs and the other lady made muffins.  Amanda said all nice things about everyone’s food!  It was one of the best events the library ever had!  A really good turn-out.  And we e-mailed her the recipe because she wanted it!  Cindy came too.  Cindy flipped out when I told her Doug had to bake his cheesecake because some chef Amanda Freitag was coming to the library.  I didn’t even know she was one of the regular judges on Chopped.  She is really really nice!  And Dougie is in the local paper and everyone is asking me to tell him to bake his cheesecake for them.  He will be happy to tell you more about his meeting with a celebrity chef!  It was fun.

That cheesecake is wonderful and Amanda thinks so, too.  Maybe Doug isn’t on Food Network yet, but he certainly is the celebrity chef of Secaucus.

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2 Responses to Doug DePice, the next Food Network star?

  1. cindy says:

    very funny uncle albie…

  2. Albie says:

    Doug Rules! He SHOULD have his own show. Picture it… he could have Pino on as a Guest Chef preparing his artery clogging dishes and explaining how to get maximum flavor out of combining anchovies and orange sherbert. He could do a flashback portion where he flashes back to famous over-eaters like John Schmitt and his sound effects, or Graz and the way he made a gallon of ice cream disappear. He could even have a feature where he discusses the pros and cons of feeding you dogs from the table and show pictures of Tina to illustrate how it really is better for the dog. Does anyone know someone at the network? He could definitely be “The Next Food Network Star”

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