What a surprise…

it was to walk into The Stony Hill Inn on Saturday. The intimate luncheon invitation from my mom, mother-in-law Betty, and Eleanor Reuther to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary turned into an event that was beyond belief. Charlie and our moms, along with help from Julia and Grace planned a wonderful party in our honor with extra effort to make it a surprise.  Celebrating 25 years of marriage is a milestone. This one is so special because our kids and moms thought to mark our date in such a grand and memorable way. It was incredibly thoughtful and deeply appreciated. We are blessed with wonderful, loving children and caring mothers. Thank you to all our family and friends who made this day complete. We look forward to the next 25+ years together and sharing it with the people we love.

Debbi recorded the following video and the photos were taken by Debbi and some by my mom and brother Jim.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 Responses to What a surprise…

  1. dantinori says:

    What a special day it was – one to remember! So fun to see Rose and Al surprised and very moved. Charlie did an amazing job with his “committee” – Meg, Julia, Grace and Betty – putting together a beautiful party and keeping Rose and Al in the dark until the final moment!

  2. Jane Carey says:

    What a great slideshow!! Who are all those good looking people? Thanks so much to Charlie Rock and all who helped make this beautiful party so full of joy!

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