The Season Opener

Summer is finally here and we kicked it off in Sea Girt this Memorial Day weekend. We left Saturday morning and on the way down we stopped at Delicious Orchards to pick up a few pies and other items. We were surprised by the fact there was no measurable traffic.

All was quiet when we arrived at The Girt. Matt, Allison and the girls, who were down just for the day, and Jane and John Michael were all at the beach enjoying the beautiful weather. Joe, Jodi and the boys and their friend Peter were here from North Carolina to participate in the Spring Lake 5 as they do every year. James came in first out of all our participants with a time of 41 minutes. Vincent wasn’t far behind. Theo came in third in his age group.  Generous Uncle Paul gave the kids cash for running so well and for appearance fees. Also, Paul decided he wanted to make a raised vegetable garden and Debbi was busy with crafts.  She and Jodi took Theo to paint pottery at the local shop.

That night we enjoyed a delicious meal and terrific wines. We started off with some steamers and Al opened up some clams on the half shell.  Jim made his delicious Sea Girt chicken and the scallops that have just the right amount of kick.  JM made delightful pasta with broccoli and sausage.  Joe made an old-time favorite, escarole and beans.  My son Charlie arrived for dinner. For dessert, we had the first round of the four pies, cherry, coconut custard, peach and apple. JM took the kids to see Men in Black II. The rest of us had lively conversation and Debbi, Jodi and I had a competitive and silly game of Scrabble. Deb won. (yes, I’m admitting that)

Sunday was a bit overcast so therefore we didn’t get to the beach until late afternoon. Paul continued his work on the garden with help from brothers Al and Joe, as well as, Jim and Peter. We had a surprise visit from Marilyn, Doug, Cindy and Santo.  They were on there way back from visiting Doug’s parents in south Jersey. It was a quick visit and they left before dinner. Jane and JM went back home to Goshen.

We had another great meal that night and many more delicious wines. Jim and Margaret’s newly engaged friends Ky and Nancy also arrived as well as brother Charlie and friend Anastasia. Anastasia made crepes like the ones she brought on Christmas Eve.  Dinner consisted of perfectly grilled tuna and baked cod.  Jim and Joe found a great recipe for grilled fennel with orange slices that was delicious. It was interesting how pleasant the fennel was after it was grilled. We had another round of the pies-cherry rules! Paul brought out a special bottle of Beluga Vodka that a Russian client had given to him.  He chipped off the cork (literally, there was a small hammer attached).  There were many funny toasts of Das vandana and na zdorovyeh with pronunciation help from Anastasia.  More lively conversation, some heated and political but the long full night ended quietly.

Monday morning was a steamer. The raised garden was complete along with some little jobs that Al decided to do that morning. Although it was a perfect day to go down to the beach we decided to head back home early to beat the traffic. We stopped off at Barlows  the Sea Girt garden shop and picked up a few things to plant when we got back home. We planted and had a small cook out with my mom.
This was a great start to Summer.

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4 Responses to The Season Opener

  1. Jodi Antinori says:

    It was a great season opener. I was glad to finally be a part of it since school was out before Memorial Day, for a change. A couple of things to add–of the 9 of us who ran the Spring Lake 5 JZ was the winner with a time of 41 minutes. Vince wasn’t far behind. After the race they went to shake down Uncle Paul for a cash prize. Vince told Paul that the only thing that kept him going during the race was the promise of money and that Uncle Paul shouldn’t “crush his dreams”. Jeez. The other thing is that I did lose Scrabble to my shark sisters-in-law. I’m ashamed to say that I resorted to name-calling as I went down in flames.

    Looking forward to doing it all again in a couple of months. 10 weeks of summer vacation. Woo Hoo!

    • Thanks Jodi for that update. I forgot James did incredible as well as Vince. I also forgot how generous Uncle Paul was with cash for running and appearance fees. It was so great to see you all. Looking forward to a rematch of Sister-in-Law Scrabble.

  2. Albie says:

    So this is what you were doing last night. Blogging.

    • Rose Antinori says:

      you got a problem with that? never mind that, i think i forgot my camera down there after you asked me do i have everything that’s why its sans pictures.

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