CAB 2012 is underway

The Bay Area was on the road today, hoping for a glimpse of the campers.  Bumper to bumper on the way to SFO, but I got there and collected the kids.  They were totally into the cowboy hats, and looked awesome.  There were 2 other unaccompanied minors, who(m?) the gate agent thought I should take.   Their adult didn’t leave enough time.  They all looked forlorn as we left.  DJ Vince serenaded us on the ride home.  He knows ALL the words to the most inappropriate songs.  You know it’s bad when the 14/15 year olds cringe.  We all rocked the Call Me Maybe song.  Repeatedly.

In N Out, San Rafael didn’t know what hit them.  Nonno would be proud.  We were clearly the loudest, rowdiest patrons.  The topic was which movies should we watch this week.

Lots of discussion of the merits of various classics, like Scary Movie 3 vs. Dodgeball, etc. Vince wanted to watch a movie that is so scary he peed his pants.  That recommends a movie to Vince.

Made it home.  The guys checked out Paul’s airsoft guns.  The girls are snuggled in in Kate’s room.  I’m hoping to get to sleep.
These kids are so great, I have to stop myself from squeezing them.  Let the fun begin.

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