CAB Day 3 – Road Trip

Sunday broke and we were on our way, with only a slight delay in start time.  Off to Six Freaking Flags.  To borrow from a famous author:  A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again.  Several of the campers agree, I think.  However, the record should reflect that we were not miserable.  We were aware that the day could have been hotter and the lines longer.  I guess.  Luckily, we got a “great deal” (quotations marks = irony) on refillable souvenir drink cups from a swell guy just inside the gate.  The kids all rode the Kong, then the girls rode Medusa (I think) while the boys hit another ride.  We all were on the Whitewater rafting thing, and all got soaked, which felt pretty good, but was slightly embarrassing.  Then we scored some pretty decent burgers (almost all the boys eat) at Johnny Rockets and watched the dolphin show.  James tried his foot at a soccer game, lured by the Olympic jerseys he thought he’d win.  Alas, it was just a big red ball for him.  But that turned out to be a great instrument of torture in the car, so he had that going for him.  Which is nice.

With 6FF in our rearview, we rode off to meet the Martinez crew at our hotel.  They showed up in force.  You may remember that we scored a baby last year; well, this year we got the bride-to-be, Josemine, who is only a hair less beautiful than baby Johnny.  Shout out to senior counselor Dave on a job well done.  We sent the guys out for food, while we girls (and  Johnny) got previews of wedding dresses.  We don’t think she can go wrong with anything we saw.  Josemine also filled us in on other bridely activities, like applying to residency programs in anesthesia.  So 21st century!  Baby Johnny was showing off his coasting prowess, and refused to leave the party in order to sleep.  He will make a great camper.  His mom and dad are as awesome as ever.

I must mention that I was the first customer at the hotel’s free manager’s reception, taking up plates of fruit and hummus/crackers for the crowd.  Joe also hit it, and Dave and I hit it again.  The manager never saw it coming!  The guys brought us some decent Chinese and we all scarfed while watching educational TV – the season finale of the Bachelorette.  We all agreed that the people on the show are morally bankrupt, but we did wonder how much money they get, and secretly wondered if it would be enough to do it ourselves.  We also wondered why Jef spells his name with only one f.  Just weird.

The only other thing worthy of note is that when we all got wet at 6FF, our shoes and socks got wet too.  After we were in our room a few minutes, I realized that I left my glasses in the car and went down to retrieve them.  The odor that hit me when I opened the car door made an impression!  I was thinking that the valet (required valet parking) had a problem, where the O didn’t stay with the B.  But, it was a pair of wet boy socks on the back seat. OMG, as the girls would say.  I shutter to think how the car would have smelled in the morning.

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