CAB Day 5 – Columbia State Park

After a raucous (card)game of golf, and muffins, juice and milk for breakfast, we struck out for Columbia State Park (, which is like a Williamsburg for the Gold Rush.  It’s an actual gold rush town, and people dress in period costumes throughout the businesses.  I was afraid it might be boring, but it was great.  The kids got a lesson in panning for gold from a one-armed guy who may have been drunk, or just simple.  He did know his stuff, though, and we were hooked.  James and Vince might still be there if we didn’t insist on doing other things.  The kids all found fool’s gold and teeny gems like garnets, peridot, and something blue.  Not a lot of gold.  James did get some, because he had the special starter dirt (he won the ro sham bo).  We stopped for lunch and tried some sarsaparilla, which is a lot like root beer.  James, mixing it up, ordered a meatball sandwich, and wasn’t happy with it.  I tasted it and realized that they had dumped oregano into the balls.  So, we were calling it an oregano ball sandwich.  Luckily, we had other nutritious items on the table like onion rings, mozz sticks and fries.  Plus, we had made a candy stop earlier, so he was good.  After lunch there was candle dipping and then we posed for one of those old timey pictures where you dress up in costumes.  The guys got to pose with guns, which was a thrill.  A quick shaved ice stop, and we headed home.  Four hours!  We would still be out there if Michy weren’t so skilled at navigation.  We sang almost all the way home too.  Grace has a beautiful voice and should join the choir at school.  Vince knows almost all the words to everything, and doesn’t let it stop him when he doesn’t.  We all are appalled at some of the lyrics.  Seriously.  Believe it or not, they wanted another In n Out stop, so we hit there for dinner.  Home now.  The hot tub got some action and now we’re watching Spiderman with cousin Paul.  Tomorrow is our last day together.

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