CAB 2012 draws to a close

I’m home.  Alone.  Ahhhh.  The kids are on their way back east.  I listened to classic rock and classical all the way back from the airport.  Needed a hip hop detox.

This is always the part where I get all serious and sappy, but it must be said!

They are tremendous people.  A giant thank you to their parents, for bringing them up, and sharing them with me.  It is such an honor to be called AB by these kids.

One of the thematic elements (as opposed to a theme, which difference Paul and Mich schooled us on yesterday.  You thought it was all potty talk here at CAB, but no, we have some pretty high-level convos.  But, you’re right, it’s mostly potty talk.  So where was I?).  One of the thematic elements in the Batman movie is hope.  Being with these younguns, I am full of hope for our future.  They are bright, energetic, open, energetic, interested, energetic, curious…  You get it.  We spent a week together, and did some serious traveling.  There were many decisions to make and things to coordinate.  We had no big problems.  Zero.  Yes, we had some teeny challenges (big Sonoma County word for problems), like who sits where in the car, what smell was emanating from what body part of what boy, what non-nutritious food should we eat, etc.  But that was the extent of it.  They don’t even leave wet towels on the floor.  That much.   And they’re so funny.

I hope you all feel the love that I do.  Let’s keep it going.

Kisses and slams, one last time from CAB 2012.  Adios, pardner.


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