CAB Day 6

It was a late morning, since the girls were sleepyheads.  The boys and I made good use of the time by exercising the dogs and watching the second Batman movie, as prep for the afternoon viewing of the new, 3rd movie.  Those movies are bizarrely long.  The story just keeps going, in improbable ways.  Suspension of disbelief got discussed.  The guys had a solid TV-front breakfast of eggs, ham and English muffins with a side of blueberries. The girls just grabbed banana muffins on the way out the door.

Finally we were underway, and made tracks for the beach.  We chose to go to Bodega Head, where the ocean meets the bay, for its views and climbing fun.  We turned the boys loose and watched from above as they descended to the rocky beach.  We watched what we think were pelicans fly by and discussed how odd bird watching is.  There were lots of gray-haired people there, with binoculars.  I told the girls that I suspect it’s something that kicks in around age 65.  We didn’t have time to dawdle, since we were meeting Paulie for the movie and needed lunch beforehand.  Meals are pretty important.

Vince has had sushi on the brain, so we stopped in our small market, where the Burmese woman i know makes sushi.  She hooked us up with a free tray, and we bought some spicy tuna and California rolls.  These we took to the pizza parlor, where we had a jumbo pie.  It was all demolished.  Paul joined us, and helped eat too.  At the movies, the guys sat together and we girls sat behind them.  Apparently the 2 younger boys talked the whole time and jostled arm rests, etc.  We had been talking like Batman all morning, and they continued this in the theater.  They’re both really good at it.  My throat gets too sore.  Saying thinks like Batman is a crack up.  We continued the practice at dinner.  i know, another meal.  We ate light, Mexican, since we had a cheesecake waiting at home.  Sick, I know,  It was a rare request from Grace, so Mich and I made it last night.  It was yummy.  Our final game of golf was a bust.  Vince killed us.  One final nighttime hot tub, followed by rounding up of stuff, which is scattered all over the house, and we’re getting ready to hit the sack.  They fly in the morning.

Things we’ve said this week:

Cram it up your cramhole, Le Fleur. (the boys, whenever the feeling struck)
Go to your happy place. (me to Mich when the going got tough)
Another two-eyed piece of crap. (while playing cards)
Where are the muffins? (in a Batman voice)

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