“We went to see the babies get baptized”

In June, Joe and Lena were here from Martinez, CA to baptize their son John Cesar Chavez. Al and I and Nonna drove up to Jane and John’s for a nice lunch and the small and gracious ceremony. Afterward, we went back to have cake and coffee.  Marilyn, Doug and Cindy were also there along with The Godfather, Matt Carey and Allison and baby Alex and some Carey friends. Little Johnny is getting so big and is so adorable. We had a really nice time and were happy to be a part of it. I didn’t have my camera at the time so there are no photos to post. ( I have since added the first 3 photos below)

This past weekend we were back to Goshen for another family event. Paul Carey and his wife Kate were here from El Paso, TX to christen their son Michael William.  Little sister Kelly is now 27 months and they are expecting another baby in January.
We witnessed the baptism with family and friends and little Michael was the only baby. The priest was able to hold him for a little while he spoke. We went back to Jane and John’s for dinner and dessert. Joe and Jodi and the kids are visiting from North Carolina and all the cousins enjoyed being together.
…on deck at the Baptismal Font is Avery Antinori

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