Sandy has been a devastating storm with immeasurable damage. We have been without power for almost a week now.  Dr. John Carey came to our relief yesterday. He came down from Goshen with a generator and several filled gas cans. We finally have heat and some of the other comforts we take for granted. We are now able to help others as well. No matter how frustrating this has been, nothing that we are going through can compare to the stories of people who have lost their lives, homes and their irreplaceable personal items.

Many thanks, John, for coming to our aid. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who are going through adversities in the aftermath of this storm.

Hoping tomorrow we turn on the light with surprise.

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3 Responses to Sandy

  1. We woke up to power the next morning!

  2. Cindy A. says:

    Glad everyone is safe. The George Street Inn is available 2 bedrooms and a heated basement if anyone is with-out power.
    Love, Cin

  3. So happy to hear about Dr. John to the rescue! What a guy! Glad Rose, Al and family are back in the pink and generously helping others as well. We are still without power in Basking Ridge, but escaped/defected to Cape Cod on Thurs. The only hitch in the story is Paul’s ability to vote. I voted mail-in style for the first time in my life as I had planned to be in Tucson. Didn’t want to leave for the S mwith all this disaster jazz going on, so here I am in my home state with Uncle Paul. We will try to figure something out for Tues. Our township has a Facebook page with updates every 3 hrs. They hope to have 41% of power restored by midnight tonight, Sun. But who knows what streets? Our neighbor should call us when the power is back. Our love to all. Wishing you power, heat, lights, gas (for your car, not intestinal……). XO Aunt Deb

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