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Hope this finds everyone happy, healthy and warm and patiently waiting for spring to be sprung.   I have been busy with various projects and learning new things and refreshing some old.  Unfortunately at the end of last year I found myself out of a job.   I have been studying the latest versions of graphic design programs including web design, both online and in the classroom. Hopefully by spring I will be back in the job market.

The winter has been filled with assorted news and activities. A highlight was Al’s 50th birthday in January. I had a small gathering of family and friends to ring in his new decade.  Jane and John couldn’t make it that day but invited us up the following week to celebrate her birthday. We had a beautiful day at Bear Mountain with them, John Michael, Matt, Allie and the girls. The girls continue to be adorable as ever.  Our Godson, Vincent, had a birthday that week as well. He is taking time off from school in North Carolina right now and is an exchange student in California staying with Betsy and Paul. It’s Camp Aunt Betsy –Winter Addition. Betsy says he’s having a great time.  The word is he has become a big basketball star.

February was also filled with birthdays. To name a few, Julia turned 22 on the 13th, little Ralphie Antinori turned 2 on the 14th, my sister Joan and Godson, Philip Apreda rounded out the month. Nonna enjoyed a relaxing vacation at her timeshare in Puerto Rico last week. Joe and son Theo and Jane shared the sun and fun with her. Eleanor Reuther is there with her family as well.  Jodi and Luke were visiting her parents in New Mexico. Jodi’s dad is very ill and is in our prayers.

On a happy note, we recently got the news that Anthony Antinori and fiance’ Shavon are expecting a baby boy in July. Yes, there is no fears the Antinori name is going anywhere.

Julia is spending her break from school in Rome this week. She is excited and we are glad she has the opportunity to go and visit her friends who are studying abroad this semester. This is her final year at Providence College and will graduate in May with a BA in Social Work. She has been accepted into the Masters program at Rutgers.

My son Charlie will be closing on his first home in the next week or two. He is buying a two family house in Cliffside Park, NJ. He will rent both or possibly live in one. We are so proud of his newest accomplishment.

Grace continues to love sophomore year and enjoying all of Paramus Catholic’s recent excitement. The football team became State Champs with and exciting win in Giant Stadium against longtime rival Bergen Catholic. It was a great game and Grace and her fellow cheerleaders led the crowd and enjoyed the fanfare. Also, she is a big ice hockey fan and the team is undefeated and working towards playing for the State Championship.

Al and I and Grace will be spending Easter in North Carolina with Joe, Jodi and the boys. We will be driving down with Marilyn and Doug.  Paul, Deb, Nonna and Grace will be one step ahead of us flying down. -ok, more then just a step, but the drive will be fun and the scenery is beautiful.

Till next time…

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2 Responses to What’s new…

  1. cdepice says:

    Great update – nothing gets by Rose 🙂

  2. Deb Antinori says:

    Love the update, Rose. Appreciate all the news. I just saw the little video so have to check that out! Funny how you don’t mention I was killing you in Scramble, and now you are killing me with that and Scrabble online! 🙂 xo D PS We are just back from Aspen – Paul skied and did very well. I shopped and did very well…….

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