Mason’s Big Day

It was Christening day for Mason Dominic  this past Sunday.  Mason, together with three other babies were baptized during a traditional mass presided over by Antinori family friend, Fr. Gerard Graziano.  The service was at Immaculate Conception in Hackensack.  Mason was a sweet, happy baby during the mass content to be in his dad Danny’s arms with mom, Kaitlyn, by their side.  Cindy brought the original Christening gown that all of the nine Antinori children and some grandchildren including her son Anthony wore. Mason didn’t fit into the heirloom but wore an adorable little suit and looked so handsome.

A lively reception was held after the mass at Biagio’s in Paramus. The food was great and there was plenty of room for the little kids to run around. Little Ralphie and Avery were adorable in matching outfits. There was lots of mingling and everyone was happy to see each other.  Margaret and Jim and Michele and James were back from their Easter trip to Hawaii. They were so happy to spend the time together enjoying many activities surrounded by beauty.

Looking forward to getting together next week for Nonna’s birthday.

God Bless Mason

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  1. Deb Antinori says:

    Rose – Another great job on a wonderful family event. What a special day seeing Mason be christened by Graz and having time with the family at Biagio’s afterwards. Yes, God bless Mason! xo Aunt Deb

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