Shower for Shavon

On Sunday, April 28th, there was a baby shower held for Shavon given by her mom Dianne and family. The event was held at Lassoni Restaurant in North Arlington. I wasn’t able to attend but mother-in-law, Cindy Antinori, gave me the scoop and some photos of the event . Shavon received many beautiful and useful gifts. Nonna made a beautiful blue blanket for the baby.  Baby games were played, such as, everyone received a bead necklace but was taken away if you said the word baby.  Donna had accumulated many, only to be tricked by cousin Alessa into talking about the Justin Bieber hit  “BABY, BABY BABY OH…” I’m so happy for Shavon and Anthony expecting their first baby this July. We are all looking forward to seeing baby boy Anthony.

shavon shower group shavon shower cake shower scene

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2 Responses to Shower for Shavon

  1. Thanks for keeping me up to date, Rise. I unfortunately was not able to attend as I was away. Sounds like a great shower. Congratulations to Shavon and Anthony! Love, Aunt Deb

  2. Jane Carey says:

    Beautiful Photos! Congratulations to Shavon and Anthony and thanks to Rose for this post! Aunt Jane

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