More grad•u•ates and celebrations

This was one busy weekend for celebrations. First of all, congratulations to David and Josemine Carey on their wedding on Saturday, May 18th, in California. We look forward to hearing all about it. While most of the family was out celebrating on the west coast we had some celebrating of our own here.

Cindy Antinori informed me that son Ralph received his Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Accountancy on Friday, May 17 from St. Peter’s University in Englewood Cliffs.  Congratulations Ralph!

It seems like only yesterday we drove the jam-packed car, with Julia nervously sitting cramped among her things in the back seat, to begin college at Providence.  After four years and a lot of hard work, mixed in with a lot of fun, Julia graduated Sunday, cum laude, with a BA in Social Work.

It was a busy weekend. Al, Grace, my mother and I drove up Saturday morning to attend the ceremony for honor recipients. Paul and Debbi happen to be closing on the sale of their house on The Cape the day before so we were lucky they were able to join us for everything. Unfortunately, Charlie had to work on Saturday night so he drove up after his shift to be there for the actual graduation.  Julia’s boyfriend Mark sat with us for the honors and joined us for our other activities of the day. After the ceremony, we went for lunch at a nice little Mexican restaurant around the corner from Hotel Providence where we were staying. Other colleges in town were also having their graduations so the wait was long. So long, we missed the mass being held in honor of the graduates. Stuffed and exhausted we retired to our rooms to rest up for more eating later on. Hotel Providence was great and perfectly located within walking destination to all of our activities.

Dinner at The Blue Grotto was lovely. We had our own little room in the front overlooking the street.  The food was delicious but again the service a little slow. We met Mark’s parents later that night when they came to pick him up.

The graduation was held in Dunkin’ Donuts Arena in downtown Providence. Julia was 7th in line to get her diploma out of 800 or so graduates. Deb strategically got a place close to the stage in time to get a few good shots in. We listened to some interesting an inspiring speeches. When the ceremony ended we had brunch at a nearby restaurant. We had the long wait again but plenty of time to recall all the events and talk over the graduation ceremony.

Thinking we were leaving at a good time to possibly beat traffic, no, as usual we had terrible congestion. Finally, with Connecticut in our rear view, we were glad it was our last time we would have to battle 95 and that state again.

We had a great time. Thank you to Paul and Deb and my mom for being a part of it and making it a lot of fun. So glad to have her home for good. Julia starts her Masters at Rutgers, Newark in a couple of weeks.

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5 Responses to More grad•u•ates and celebrations

  1. jnmchcarey says:

    Good job and great work everyone, these are big achievements, and you get a lot of credit for sticking it out at school. Wish we could have attended, San Fran was fun too, masses in Latin also.

  2. Paul Carey says:

    Congrats to the graduates!

  3. What a great weekend we had celebrating Julia’s graduation! The honors ceremony at the college was lovely where Julia wore her Cum Laude finery – black and white twisted cord like a sort of “stole” – impressive work to achieve and fashion chic! :). We had so much fun and lots of laughs with our long waits for food. Grace and I got in a little shopping trip near the hotel – a great place called Craftland, crafts and jewelry made by artisans – we decided we could make everything in there! Congratulations to Ralph on his Masters degree! That is great news! And to the wedding entourage – all day Sat we were saying, “They must be getting married now!”, “They’re married by now!”, “Now they’re at the reception!”. Can’t wait to see the pix! Wishing David and Josemine a wonderful time in Hawaii! Thanks, Rose, for another great chronicle of these stellar achievements by the younger generation! (I feel like Elaine in the Seinfeld episode where she gets carried away with exclamation marks….)

  4. Mr. Blackwell and Mr. Fantasia says:

    Hey Albie… XYZ!

  5. Betsy Antinori Mundell says:

    Congratulations Joolya and Ralph!!!! Excellent pictures of the Providence gang. I bet it’s nice in the Dunkin’ Donuts arena. The wedding was an extravaganza! I’m sure there will be ample pictures at some point.

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