James and The Spirit

James Dale received the sacrament of Confirmation on June 5 at The Church of the Epiphany at 239 East 21st at 2nd Ave.  Proud Uncle Paul Antinori was James’ sponsor. The Most Rev. Gerald T. Walsh, D.D., Vicar General confirmed the candidates.

After the ceremony, they went to La Follia restaurant at 19th and 3rd ave. The meal was excellent, Debbi reported.

Congratulations James! God Bless

Thank you, Debbi, for the update and the photos.

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2 Responses to James and The Spirit

  1. The Negroni Guy from Rod's says:

    Wow. A coupla comments: 1- The guy standing behind Jim Dale in one of the pictures looks like he is Jim’s Secret Service guardian… When did Jim get into politics? 2- Paulie looks like Al Pacino circa the Senate hearings in “The Godfather II”. 3- The kid in the photo with Jayz, Mich and the other girl looks like Giacomo the NC exchange student! You telling me he couldn’t be the same kid?! D – We are some good looking people. Congratulations James and Dales.

  2. Betsy Antinori Mundell says:

    I heard all James wants for his Confirmation is a pizza oven. Seriously, the pictures got me choked up. Seeing the pictures at the ceremony, our little guy isn’t so little anymore. And James is getting big too. Oh snap.

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