A Carey Jubilee

was what it was all about at Delancey’s in Goshen this past Saturday night. Near and far the Careys, Antinoris and extended families and friends came together to celebrate Jane and John’s 40th wedding anniversary

We mingled and chatted about various Carey news, the kids, and other recent topics that are all a result of 40 years of this marriage. David and Josemine and Joe were here from California. Lena, expecting baby no. 2  stayed home with little Johnny.  David just graduated from residency and Josemine from medical school.  Paul finished his orthopedic residency in El Paso, Tx  and he and Kate and the three kids will be living back home with Kate’s family in Goshen temporarily until they move to his next station at Fort Drum in NY state and live in Watertown, NY.  It was great to see all the local and long distant Careys. It was also nice to see John’s family and friends who we don’t see very often and are so nice.

We had a delicious dinner and a very attentive wait staff to refresh our plates and bring our drinks. During dinner we continued our conversations with an occasional clink of a glass to initiate a wedding kiss. A touching slide show illuminating the past 40 years played for the captive crowd. Looking at the pictures of the young Carey boys I thought about how fast time goes by.

This was a special day for Jane and John beautifully planned by their children and wives. Thank you to Matt and Debbi for taking great pictures.

Congratulations, Jane & John, I wish you many more happy, healthy and bountiful years together.

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6 Responses to A Carey Jubilee

  1. Medalina says:

    I know it’s two years later, but when I came across this article, I felt I had to leave a comment. My name is Medalina and I went to grammar school in Union City, NJ back in 1972. My 4th grade teacher was “Miss Jane Antinori” and I will never forget her! Once I moved and went to another school district, Miss Antinori married John Carey. Mrs. Carey continued to write to me for years, sending me pictures of her young boys and telling me about her life (all in Spanish!!!). I valued Mrs. Carey’s letters and kept them for years and years. She will always be my favorite teacher in the world! I am now 52 years old and I live in Westchester County, NY. I always remembered that Mrs. Carey had moved to Goshen, NY and I have wanted to visit for the past 17 years that I have live in the lower Hudson valley. However, reading this beautiful blog about their 40th wedding anniversary is priceless!!!! Miss Antinori/Mrs. Carey, you look the same as I remember you, except that you had very long hair then! THANK YOU for being my first teacher in the US and for staying in my life for so many years after! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and on raising a beautiful and successful family. You will always be in my thoughts.

  2. Once again, a beautiful job of chronicling this wonderful event in our family. What a lovely time it was. I was so struck during the slide retrospective of the passage of time, too. It seems like yesterday that the Carey and Antinori boys were running around at Christmas and Thanksgiving. A lovely tribute here to Jane and John – the boys (young men!) and their wives did a great job!

  3. Joe Chavez Carey says:

    Thanks Aunt Rose!

  4. Colonel Sanders says:

    The wings were great too! Congratulations to Jane and John

  5. elizantinori@aol.com says:

    You’re such a sweetheart to document our history. You and Debbie make a wonderful pair . we are so blessed to have you. Love, Mom

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