CAB Day 1 closes

Heavy marine layer (that’s fog) greeted me on the drive to the airport.  I almost rear ended a manure truck that was coming onto the road from a ranch with no lights on that I could see.  Can’t help it: that would have been a shitty start to CAB.  Buh dump bump.  But, I didn’t and I made it in time.  Loaded up the campers and headed to Japantown.  We blew right past the Peace Plaza and headed inside to eat.  Priorities.  We slurped large bowls of noodles and joked that you get a free facial with each meal.  The broth was flying!   Michy’s friend lives very near there, so we were able to walk, up a steep hill, to her house and drop Mich there.  James and I then found our way back to the car, and over the bridge.  James, it turns out, is also a crack navigator.  The ride to the bridge was a serious up and over – epic San Francisco hill.  The street signs warned “sharp crest” and they didn’t joke.  I would not want to drive a manual transmission car, well, anywhere, but really not in that city.

James has got summer homework (what the what?) and we planned to stop at a local nursery called California Carnivores to purchase a Venus flytrap plant as part of his science work.  After the first U turn of camp (more to come), we found the place, closed on Wednesdays.  We will return tomorrow.  James schooled me on turkey burgers, and we stopped at the market and got ingredients, which we whipped up for dinner.  We went Asian, with ginger, garlic, soy and cilantro.  Not too bad.  During dinner prep James read to me from Animal Farm – more summer homework.  We’re about halfway through that puppy.

We picked some apples this afternoon too, which will be turned into a pie tomorrow.  Of course, we played with the dogs.  I familiarized James with the wood splitting that needs doing.  An aunt can hope.

Tomorrow we’ll hang here until we split to pick up Mich at 4 in the city, and then head over to Martinez for a sleepover party at Johnny’s.  Those kids know how to have a good time.  Dave and Josemine are not able to make it tomorrow, sadly.

Uncle Paul made our hotel reservations (thank you), so I am going ahead with tour reservations for the Castle and the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz.

Stay tuned…

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