CAB Day 2 and half of 3

Sorry for the radio silence.  I meant to warn you that we were hitting the road, but time became tight.  So, here’s the story:

James and I awoke 6ish yesterday morning, because we’re the Dawn Patrol.  He downed a bowl of cereal, and we got right back into Animal Farm.  He is such a good read-aloud reader.  That book is harrowing, by the way.  After a bit, we knew we had to head into the kitchen for some Martinez party prep.  What a team we are!  We made apple pie, chocolate banana pudding (layers of homemade chocolate pudding, bananas and chocolate cookies, topped with whipped cream), soft pretzels (a recipe form Vince’s visit) and chicken taco meat.  We left the meat here for Paul Jr., as sustenance, and took all the rest with us.  On our way to get Mich in SF, we stopped at the farm and got our farm share, and also back at California Carnivores and got a fly trap.  We really liked the $60 ones, but settled for a $15 one.  More money for candy and rides at the boardwalk.  Life lessons.  Progress into the city was good.  We picked up Mich and met her fancy friend and friend’s mom, and then thought, “Easy peasy, we’re on our way to Martinez.”  But, it was not to be.  No, it was not.  We sat in traffic in the financial district, trying to get onto the Bay Bridge, with a bunch of other unfortunates for at least an hour.  Lights turned green and then red again repeatedly without our moving an inch.  Dire conditions.  At times we blocked the box, just a little; I was desperate to get every inch, without someone trying to weasel their way in, which happens people.  Actually, someone did want to do that, but my campers told me to be strong and not give an inch, even though the people were rocking a car seat, as though they had a crying baby.  Which I kinda believed, but then the NYC kids pointed out that was probably a scam.  Busted!  We became very hungry and ate all the pretzels.  Finally, we got on the freaking bridge, and were moving.  A big thank you shout out to the car pool lane.

We made it to Martinez finally and things got better rapidly.  Smiling faces of Joe and Johnny greeted us.  The kids got reacquainted while Joe prepped supper – salmon, gnocchi (Trader Joe, really good), salad.  Mich and I cut up tons of delicious fruit (credit for feeding the campers something fresh please).  Fortune was with us, because the Chavez Careys were in the midst of a fruit fly infestation (weird, right?), and we happened to have a fly trap that needed feeding.  What are the odds?  Crazy.  Dessert did not disappoint.  Lena made it home just as we were eating dinner, which made everyone happy.  Dessert did not disappoint.  After Johnny bedtime processing, and lots of good night kisses, we played a round of Apples to Apples.  Okay, I won.  Big deal.  Stop, seriously.  Then it was lights out.  James on the sofa, me on the aerobed, and Mich in the bed in Johnny’s room.  But, without Johnny, because he woke up and had to decamp to his parents’ room.  Leaving Mich in the bedroom with a door.  This set the stage for history to be made.  She slept until 8:30 this morning.  No one has seen that much sleep in that house for the last 2 years!  

Day 3 dawned.  Joe and Johnny and I were Dawn Patrol.  James joined us.  You know what Mich was up to.  The Chavez Careys did their morning work routine, and we fooled around.  By this time Johnny was totally into James, and had him jumping through any hoop he wanted.  Mostly having to do with the “windy” – that’s a fan to the uninitiated.  James taught him some dance moves, including  “the Jamesy” from back in the day.  Good times.  We ate several rounds of breakfast, and once Mich was roused, we headed to the park.  The place was jumping, which isn’t normally to Johnny’s liking, but since he had his homies he was cool, and we all had lots of hot fun.  It was already about 85 at 10 a.m.  Once we were as sweaty as possible, we headed home.  Oh yeah, we stopped at the bakery on the way to the park for muffins and croissants.  Also, acorn bread, what sign I’ve been eyeing for years, and finally decided to stop in.  A let down, to be honest.  Oh well.  We also said hello and goodbye to many trains, including a long freight train with lots of containers from China on it.  At home we hydrated and played until Johnny’s nanny, Anabelle, got there.  Then we high tailed it out of there.  Quick In N Out stop on the way home for lunch.  At this writing, the kids are out by the pool with Paul Jr.  Mich found her summer reading book on our shelf, and is cracking it.  James is trying to lure some larger flies into his trap.  

More later…

News Flash: We caught a bug in the pool, one of the hated “swimmers”, stunned it,  and fed it to the fly trap.  That thing snapped shut!  Pretty cool.  Science homework underway!

Also, sorry for the cut and paste error in the last post, re dessert.  
Note to self: sometimes it’s better not to edit things.

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