CAB Day 5

More stories from camp…

Here is a photo sent from camp. Betsy says they are sitting in a boat in the creek. She is holding  a delicious melon.

Here is a great self shot of the counselor and campers sitting in a boat in the creek. Betsy says she is holding a delicious melon.

James was up early, as feared.  He slammed down some cereal and we  were rolling.  Out on the driveway by 7 a.m. with Juneau, getting  major acrobatic hops.  Sadly, the Go Pro wasn’t charged (dang) so we  couldn’t film.  Btw, Joe and Paul Jr. covet the thing.  What is it  about guys and gadgets?  I reminded James that Animal Farm should get  written up, and he disappeared for an hour to play video games I  think.  But, he did manage to get a good start on the thing later.  He  actually had a tick on his neck this morning.  It hadn’t bitten him  yet, and he was super cool about it.  Then we found one outside, and  had the idea to feed it to the flytrap, who we now call V Rex.  The  leaves shut tight.  You should all get a Venus flytrap.  It is a party.

Mich and Paul Jr. joined us for breakfast.  Popovers, muffins, fruit, Mom’s zucchini thing, coffee.  Mich churned the corn custard into ice  cream. 

At noon, we were off to our blackberry patch in nearby Freestone.  As  we pulled up, our host Eric was trimming the long nasty scratchy  blackberry vines so we’d have better picking.  That’s service.  The  patch was as good as I’d heard, covered in berries.  We picked 6  baskets full, and hope to go back on Thursday for more.  It is a very  satisfying activity.  We made a sauce for the ice cream and an upside  down cake out of them.  We also ate a bunch.  Eric has three beautiful  horses too, who we got to feed and pet.  Also, a 150 year old horse-drawn buggy, with the fringe on top.  “Chicks and ducks and geese  better scurry.”  Kate, you know the tune!  After that, we tasted some  of his homemade red wine applesauce.  Delicious.  Then out came some  vanilla ice cream from a local dairy.  Definitely a successful outing. 

Back at home, we all jumped into the pool.  Uncle Paul made it home,  covered in sweat but having completed his 16 miles.  We didn’t see him  for a few hours.  Johnny and his people showed up.  General hilarity ensued.  Johnny likes the hot tub.  We ate dinner, and our berry creations for dessert.  The sweet corn ice cream tasted a lot like  sweet corn.  Weird. Cold, sweet corn.  Not really.  The sauce was killer, though. Cake was good too.

 Tomorrow we travel to Santa Cruz and then to the Hearst Castle.  You  will not hear from me until we return home on Wednesday.  But you can be sure we’ll be having fun and wishing you were all with us.


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  1. Euell Gibbons says:

    I’m getting “Ticked Off”

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