CAB Day 4

Yeah, I know, it’s out of order.

Another hot sunny day in Sonoma County.

The big news is that the fly trap spit out the first swimmer.
Online we learned that if the bug is too big, and the leaves can’t
close completely, that’s a problem. We were actually concerned
about the swimmer’s legs that were sticking out the whole time,
rightly so, it turns out. The second swimmer will be ejected soon,
as those leaves are also starting to open. We perched the plant
outside with us all afternoon, and then in the freaking compost
pile, which is swarming with flies, but no luck. The third “trap”
is still empty. James, nevertheless, is observing twice a day,
measuring the leaves’ opening width (using Metric measurements,
very scientific) and making notes. We also brainstormed about his
art homework (a film about country life vs city life), and he got a
start writing up his Animal Farm homework. Poor kid, there was
steam coming our of his ears when he was doing that, as I prepped
dinner. He then said, “I think I’ll take a break,” went upstairs
and fell asleep. Missed dinner. I will go to bed now, since he’s
going to be up crazy early. Mich still hates The Things They
Carried, but she’s struggling along. She says it’s a great sleep

We had a power start to the day, with breakfast at the best place
in the county. Eggs, sausage, polenta, pancetta, toast and jam,
fruit, mochas. We wiped it all out. Paul Jr. headed home, to  dress for work, and the campers and I went to the Laguna Fest ( .
Paul asked us to attend the “Cannabis as Medicine” session, and
the kids wanted to check out Shepherd Bliss’ talk, since he’s an
old friend from CAB (and a secret crush of a former counselor), but
we didn’t do either. We were busy tromping around the creek,
learning about cheese making, sampling chocolates, and visiting the
clothes and book swap. Mich scored 2 great dresses and a flannel
shirt there (they’re in the washer now) and we each got a delicious
melon from the farmer. We also had ice pops: apple cider, peach/
ginger and cucumber/melon/lemon. The last flavor was the best. As
we began to make our way home James noticed a “spider” on my back,
and then another on my sleeve. Except they weren’t spiders, they
were ticks. Aunt Rose, cover your eyes. We all began patting
ourselves all over, massaging our scalps, checking for the little
buggers. We put our hands down our pants in public. Which is
fine. By the time we were done, i had pulled 9 ticks off myself;
another record set at CAB. Mich had none, but she was the
itchiest. James claims he had one, from a very private area, but
we can’t confirm that. And we don’t want to try.

So, we got home. Hit the pool. Lounged in the hot tub. Tried to
feed our fly trap. Snacked. James and I prepped our sweet corn
ice cream custard. Uncle Paul made it home. Dinner, sparkling
conversation, and here I am.

Tomorrow should be pretty chill. I did finally connect with my
blackberry source. We’re on for noon. He says there’s a bumper
crop this year (my heart leapt) but they weren’t quite ripe (it
sunk), since our weather has been cool. But that was a few days
ago, and we’ve had sunny hot days since, so fingers crossed. Uncle
Paul, or the Kenyan, as we call him, has a 16 mile run planned.

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