CAB Day 9, Over and Out

Here is Betsy’s last entry:

Today was a major housekeeping day.  The most notable mention is that James finished his gd Animal Farm homework.  He and I also toured around getting footage for his art homework, about country life v city life.  Paul Jr. and he had a photo op wood splitting session.  I was hoping for some actual wood splitting.  Mich finished her homework assignment too, and is now moving onto some pleasure reading.  She made some white chocolate mint truffles this morning.  Delicious. Look for those in Sea Girt.  Uncle Paul had to work late, so our farewell dinner was just the 4 of us.  Steak, potatoes, green beans and crudite from the farm veggies. No dessert!  We may make some cookies later, after our final swim.  I am trying to throw some things in a bag for my time there, and clean out the frig, etc.  We leave for the airport tomorrow morning early, so this is goodbye.

They are the most beautiful people.  We had a great time.  Thanks again to their parents for the privilege of having them at CAB.  Keep having fun people.  Kisses and slams from all of us.  CAB 2013 is off the road.

Well, CAB is over and it was another great one. Looking forward to seeing them when they get here.  I like to post CAB entries here ( sorry for one out of order ) so there is a running account for the campers or others who are interested can enjoy.

On the agenda for this weekend is a celebration for brother-in-law Charlie’s 65th birthday, hopefully some beach time as well.

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2 Responses to CAB Day 9, Over and Out

  1. Shepherd Bliss says:

    I want to move to Jersey! Get me out of this hippie wonderland!

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