14,16, 25, 50, 60…

 …a mathematical equation, I don’t think so. Tony and Cindy hosted a wonderful luncheon on Sunday for the October birthdays. Mark 14 and Michele 16 both on the 22nd, Charlie was 25 on the 21st, I cleared 50 on the 9th, and Uncle Paul on top at 60 on the 19th.  Missing from the party and also sharing an October birthdate were little Michael Carey 2 on the 4th, Josemine Carey was 27 on the 5th and Luke Antinori 16 on the 25th. 

Tony and Cindy put out a terrific spread. There was a delicious minestrone, grilled chicken & steak, hamburgers, potatoes, vegetables and salad, lasagna, Nonna’s zucchini quiche, and Loanna made eggplant and stuffed jalapeno.  Never a shortage of desserts, there were lots of cake, pies, and cookies.

Thank you Tony and Cindy for being gracious hosts. 

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9 Responses to 14,16, 25, 50, 60…

  1. Betsy says:

    I know, Joe. I wish we were there too. Especially when i saw the Rispoli cake. Oh snap!

  2. Joe says:

    How come I can’t see the pictures?

    Wish we could have been there.


  3. Cin says:

    Family what do you think do we have the winning lottery #”s here? 14,16, 25, 27,50, 60.
    Love, Cindy

  4. Margot P says:

    loved the slide show. YOu have one great looking family. Happy Birthday to everyone.

  5. Commissioner Gordon says:

    Paulie is a camera hound! How come there are never any pictures of “The Fattest Brother”? What did you do with him? I may investigate.

  6. Debbi Antinori says:

    Happy Birthday to Josemine! Another great job on the blog, Rose. And great party – many thanks to Tony and Condy for hosting. It was just what Paul wanted – loved sharing all the birthdays together!

  7. Dave Carey says:

    Hi Aunt Rose! Thanks for the post. We love getting Antinori new on the west coast. Just want to add my wife Josemine to the long list of October birthdays. She turned 27 on the 5th.

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