A Full House

Christmas Eve is always a special event.  I can start by mentioning that we had attendance of about 64 people. Also, this was the first Christmas in a very long time that all nine Antinori siblings and their families were able to attend at the same time. I can also explain each course and the many kinds of fish dishes. But I’ll let the attached menu speak for itself. The menu, by the way, was a great idea of Margaret’s to slow down the pace and take the worry out of missing your favorite dish. Not sure if it slowed anything down much.

Having all her children here was a true present for my mother-in-law, Betty. We made sure we took lots of photos of the different groups. Her children, the daughters,
the sons, the siblings, the granddaughters, the grandsons, the grandchildren,
LKR (Little Kids Rule) and even the in laws!

The young children happily played together and made sure to keep asking “When is Santa coming?” At a strategic time in between courses, Santa joyfully bounded down the stairs with his big sack of presents assisted by his elves. This year he chose the teen set of cousins for his helpers. This too cool group were so happy to be together. Santa and elves rapped, sang songs, danced and passed out presents.  The little kids ripped open wrap, jumped for joy and the crowd cheered. Betsy read a beautiful sentiment that Nonna had written expressing her love and reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas.

Every year, we foolishly think there is a chance there may be a shortage of food. The weeks prior to this event there were several funny emails going back and forth with talk of traveling fish, last minute additions and quantities being adjusted. News brief: we had enough food. Actually, I don’t think a ridiculous amount but it would have been difficult to go home hungry. Ok, well, we did have dinner food at the dessert table, but still.

But, most important to keep in mind, after the songs are all sung, the last fish is presented, dessert disappears, and the final dish is washed, is how truly blessed we are to be together and to celebrate with such a grand tradition. Thank you all, for this undoubtably is a concerted effort. It is an honor to host Christmas Eve in our home. It truly was a house full…of love.

Have a joyful New Year filled with health, wealth and happiness,

Here, in no particular order, are photos:

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1 Response to A Full House

  1. Jo Jo Gorgioni says:

    I’m still hungry. Those Antinori’s never have enough food!

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