Do you like to settle in, savor good food, linger over wine with stimulating, amusing and sometimes seemingly useless conversation, enjoy spending time with family, and importantly, wonder “what are we eating…? Well, we do.  So… What are you eating?

What is this about anyway? I have logged in many years in the family at this point and I find we’re all pretty darn interesting to say the least.  Blogging (ok, I hate the term, too) seems to be a compelling way of compiling a lot of …stuff.  An interesting forum for family news, entertainment and information.  A place to post latest news, upcoming events, achievements, photos, recipes, activities, etc.  Please bear in mind I am no expert blogger.  But I welcome you to read, leave comments, send me (via email) photos and video clips, recipes, upcoming events, news or anything you want to add.

Yours truly,
P.S.  The photo of mozz & tomato on the home page I took at a previous clam bake–someone once asked ” You take pictures of your food?” …yeah, we take pictures of our food, you got a problem with that?

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  1. Judy says:

    Nice blog site, Rose! 🙂

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